Sunday, April 10, 2011

April 10, 2011 - Happy Birthday Bro!

Hey there, hi there and hello there ... o yes, a big shout out to my brother Blake on his 14th birthday, hope you enjoyed your celebration:)
It's been a great last month indeed both at work and at home. The new gig at Aflac is quite the daunting task, just learning the new responsibilities, but the people make it fun indeed! Last week I had 20 meetings, and that was just four days' worth ... I've gotten tricky with it now though, scheduling 1v1 meetings with myself just to get the work done:) It's kind of fun to learn about the aspirations of my new teams, plus have some fun using a pirate sword to cut a donut in half:) I have always had a good bit of confidence in my abilities, but any new adventure always test that. Especially when those reporting to you have had so much more experience, but it's such an amazing feeling to be able to sit down with them and learn that you do add value, as everyone can!
The end to the MBA is just right around the corner and the countdown has begun. Two presentations, one debate and half a final exam left in this semester, followed by my final two courses this summer. Then what to do with all that time? So I went and spoke with the President at CSU to get some insight last week. He encouraged me to look at some adjunct faculty work, which would be really fun maybe a night a week, so we'll see. Another option would be to go get a Masters in Servant Leadership at CSU, which would be so fun to learn about ... or, I guess I could take some time off to chill:)
The volunteer front is continuing to chug along with a great Live United Youth Camp volunteer reunion coming this weekend ... can't wait to see the students again! I was asked to help out with the United Way strategery committee as well, so that work will start up over the lunch hour here in the next few weeks as we strive to reach out more in the community to make a difference. One way we want to do that is with a Stuff the Bus campaign to provide students in need with much needed school supplies, hope we can get that one off the ground! Had a fun charity event a few weeks ago as well with the Relay for Life Softball Tourney ... where yes, we actually won a game this year!
This weekend has been great too, even though Jenny is back home, Caden and I had a blast! Listened to some great live music downtown at the Frogtown Hollow Jam festival, had some fun bike rides, lots of yard work which resulted in getting absolutely roasted and just chillin' with the pooch.
Life is good ... and got even better when I found out Jenny and I would be going back for Easter in a couple weeks to Iowa and the fam, that is awesome! Hope you all have a great week because I know I'm looking forward to it!