Sunday, September 30, 2007

Week 9 - Giving back

Hey there, hi there and hello there yet again! What another beautiful week in the Peach state. Hard to believe I've already been down here 2 months...time is just flying by!
This week at the ol' Aflac brought my last day in Support Services, which was my first stop on my 2 year journey with the duck. I must say, if every department I go to is even close to the experience I've had with the people in Support Services it will be an amazing couple of years! Everyone I met in the department was so helpful and kind to the entire time I was there, I know I've made some great friends that will stick with me throughout my run down here. I felt challenged and appreciated with every move I made, and I hope to continue to provide value to that department with the big projects I'm working on. Policy Services here I come:) I learned a lot about the company, budget process, it's people and culture...I think I made the right decision to come down here!
It was another great week outside of work as usual! It all started on that magical Wednesday night Aflac bowling league where yes, I did bowl a 201! Granted I started the night barely breaking 100 the first two games, but then I think I blacked out and bowled 6 straight strikes...that's right, the turkey dance came out twice and it was fantacular. That is by far the highest game I've ever bowled, I don't know what got into me. This weekend marked the first Callaway Biking Adventurness bike outings with Mikey at Callaway Gardens. That place is beautiful, and once we found the bike was amazing, very good times.
Highlight of the week though would have to be the volunteer action on Friday and Saturday. Began Friday with some Junior Achievement training for a class I'll be teaching over the next couple months, but that was just the start. Hands on Georgia Week kicked off Friday night with Game Night for the Homeless. It was amazing just to sit down with these folks and hear their stories and how appreciative they were for what we were doing for them. I was able to play a game or two with some of them, then I got the call to be the, that was a blast. The whole place was laughing and having a good time and it was fulfilling to see how happy these people were that usually don't get to celebrate too much. Saturday morning brought our first Aflac SIFE Alumni Sweat Equity project with the Easter Seals, which is an amazing organization that gives hope and a place to have fun to people with disabilities...something very near and dear to my heart after working at the Arc for the last 4 years back home. Interacting with kids that have down syndrome, autism and other societal disabilities has changed my outlook on life because when you step back and think about it, if they can be so happy with the hand they've been dealt in life, why should I be any different? Although the kids weren't there, our group pulled together and painted a few classrooms to spruce up the place a bit. We had a blast getting together outside of work to give back to a greater cause, and I think we've made a partnership with the Easter Seals for the future...I know I'll be back to help out! I just happened to be in the middle of a paint war with some compadres with the news crew came, and I think they just picked the most ridiculous looking person to take a picture of...I don't know if that is a good/bad thing for me, but I made the paper so that was pretty cool (
Well, another week in the books and a wonderful one at that...especially since I was able to take a nap by the pool today. Just booked my flight for the Packers game on November 18th (Go Pack), starting the countdown until pops comes down in a couple weeks and then in November I'm headin' back home...this month is just going to fly by! Until next time, try not to work too hard out there...if you love what you're doing, you'll never have to work another day in your life!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Week 8 - Lovin' the Duck

Hey there, hi there and hello there again. What a fantastic week down in the south...I hope you are all livin' the dream too!
This by far has been the best week working for the Duck yet. The people I'm working with and the projects I'm working on are fantacular. Been getting some traction on my project to save the company thousands of dollars a month (which apparently is a good thing) and working with some very smart folks. We even were able to take the entire Support Serivces department out to the bowling lanes for an afternoon of karaoke, eating, BINGO and of course...bowling. We were all apparently supposed to wear football jerseys, but I didn't get that memo until I got to I made my own Brett Favre Packers was a hit!
We were even able to pull together all of the SIFE Analyst to start our own Aflac SIFE Alumni team. We're putting together some great projects for financial literacy, the homeless, insurance awareness and the list goes on. I never thought I'd be able to make a difference like I did back at the mount, but if we put it all together...the possibilities are endless on the lives we could impact! I atteneded my first Literacy Alliance Board of Directors meeting this week and they were thrilled to hear about the opportunities, and want me to join the board later this year...very excited about that!
Wednesday night bowling was decent, bowled a 156 (my best ever), followed by a weak 1cough19...ya, still not great! We won our second soccer game on Friday 5-nil and I had an assist, we've got a pretty solid team I think and could do some good things! Like my old self I got my head stepped on and the ref got in my face because I was apparently being a little too physical, don't know where that came from:) Went out with some of the SIFErs again on Friday for some of the most amazing putt-putt golf...words cannot explain the hilarity that ensued! Laying out by the pool has been amazing, but it's cooling down a bit (yes, 83 is cool down here...strange).
Welp, guess this is my last week in Support Services, then it's off to my next department for another couple of months of fun! I'm loving it down here but missing all my friends and family back home...hope you're all well! Can't wait to see you in November...until then, peace out.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Week 7 - Out and about...and again

Hey there, hi there and hello there. This by far had to be the week that has gone by the quickest of any since I've been here...but it was amazing!

Work is getting pretty exciting now that I'm learning the ropes and taking on the projects. It's been challenging to bring together people for the projects I'm working on, but I've found that all the information I would ever need for anything I want is only a phone call I just need to bring it all together to make it work. Had a great goal-planning session with some folks, learning more and more about budget and working to push through these projects before I go to my next department. I'm really stoked about a big SIFE meeting I'm working to set-up with the other SIFE Analyst...I think we have the potential to do some great things for the community. We had a great little new SIFEr gathering at the Chattahoochee River Club where we met some HR folks and had good times eating delicious food!

I was fortunate to be able to do a couple really cool volunteer activities this week starting with a tribute event for 9/11 at CSU where we handed out flags to the attendees for a rememberance vigil with a cool helicopter fly-over. Then, this weekend I ventured up to Atlanta with some Aflac people to go to the cancer center and play BINGO. I met a little 2 year old named Abbey with her family and I helped win them some pretty cool prizes and played catch for some fun!

The weekend was the best yet with some pool playing action on Thursday and then two nights of amazingness! Friday was the Decade Party at the Columbus Museum where Mike, Mr. Ed and myself took on the Anchorman/70's look with amazing suits from Goodwill. We turned quite a few heads at the party with our skills, my short tie and shants...but even more heads when we stayed in costume and went out on the! I think we had some fans that were taking pictures of us and then we owned the dance floor, it was spectacular. Saturday was a great SIFE gathering and a see-ya-later party for Tom before he goes to Hawaii for the military...he will be missed!

The weather is beautiful and the pool has been great, but the bed is calling my name here pretty soon. Another great week down, and a fun week ahead...I can't wait! Until next time, you stay classy world!



Sunday, September 9, 2007

Week 6 - Fantasticness!

Hey there, hi there and hello there again. I hope all has been well for everyone this past shortened work-week. I knew it would be hard to follow a long weekend, but this week was amazing!

Work is really starting to pick up at the ol' Aflac, and I think I'm really starting to get into the swing of it with some big projects. The two big projects I've been working on are starting to come together. I was able to do a presentation for our VP, which went quite well...didn't fumble around with it too much, so that was pretty cool. Hung out a bit more with the SIFErs at work and met one of the new rookies...I think we have a pretty cool crew of SIFE Analyst that came in and I'm looking forward to getting to know them.

Also had my first meeting with the Literacy Alliance to talk about some MMC SIFE projects (I know, I should grow up eh:) that I could do down here, so she invited me to her Board of Directors meeting...should be a good time!

Had bowling yet again this week, and let's just say it was a little sketchy for myself...but Spare Us came away with the victory yet again! This was also the first week my soccer team Victorious Secret...hilarious. Got the start at stopper and did the shimmy a couple of times with success, which is always fun. We have a pretty good team and we won our first match 5-3 under the lights...looking forward to the rest of the season.

My folks and little bro came down on Thursday night, so I decided to give them a little taste of Georgia with my first peach cobbler from scratch...and no one got sick, so it was a success! They came late Thursday night to stay with me, and got to meet my boss for lunch and some fellow SIFErs for brunch on Saturday. We had a great day on Saturday when we went to Callaway Gardens; that place is gorgeous and the beach was fantastic. We went to the butterfly conservatory, where I had a little butterfly friend land on my shoulder! We spent a lot of time at the pool relaxing and catching up, then had a wonderful din din at Carraba's.

After dinner, went to get some new dishes and the parental units thought it would be funny to not only break two plates at Pier One, but then come back and guarantee that the plates I had would not break...don't worry, it did all over the floor!

Sunday was a nice walk down the Riverwalk along the Hooch and some tennis with Blaker, but then they were off too was a great weekend!

Looking forward to having some more folks come down to the south, it's fun stuff!

Big gulps huh, welp, see ya next week.



Sunday, September 2, 2007

Week 5 - Keep on truckin'

Hey there, hi there and hello there. So this past Monday I walk out to my car after a great weekend only to find things a bit off kilter. Sitting on my seat is half of my iPod charger/player...strange I know. Then I notice that my Aflac ID badge is missing...well that's crappy. O, and then I notice that both my passport and Social Security card were gone as well...coincidence, I think not. By this time I began to realize that thankfully I had not lost all of this stuff, rather it was stolen out of my car...bush league! As the days went I noticed more things that I had not remembered, like my packs of gum, my silver change and yes...even my new bowling shoes, dang. I think the thing that upset me the most is that when they stole all of my change, they didn't even have the nerve to take my pennies (I hate pennies) and that my passport picture was pretty darn good; so now someone has a really good picture of me walking around. Life happens, so I just kept on truckin'!

This week was fantastic at work, it just keeps getting better. I'm in charge of a couple pretty large projects that could benefit the company a great deal...hope I don't screw it up:) My boss, Mike, and everyone else I'm working with are fantastic and continue to help me learn the ropes. I took a Image & Career Goal Setting class which was quite interesting. I took what I learned and am helping a couple of folks in my office set goals for the future, they're very appreciative and are excited about having something to shoot for.

Had the first night of bowling (without my new shoes) and we shot pretty average, but pulled out the W over Split Happens. That's gonna be a good time! Practiced a little soccer action as well to get ready for the game this's not Mustang soccer, but it'll do.

Just kind of bummed around all weekend, except for one amazing bike ride. Mike, Tom and I took the bikes down to the Riverwalk where we were met with torrential was a fantacular ride.

Looking forward to the shortened week, my first soccer game and of course, my family coming into town. I hope there is some good weather so I can show my mom, step-dad and little bro a good time!

Until next time, remember that life happens...make the most of it.


Nate Klein