Sunday, September 2, 2007

Week 5 - Keep on truckin'

Hey there, hi there and hello there. So this past Monday I walk out to my car after a great weekend only to find things a bit off kilter. Sitting on my seat is half of my iPod charger/player...strange I know. Then I notice that my Aflac ID badge is missing...well that's crappy. O, and then I notice that both my passport and Social Security card were gone as well...coincidence, I think not. By this time I began to realize that thankfully I had not lost all of this stuff, rather it was stolen out of my car...bush league! As the days went I noticed more things that I had not remembered, like my packs of gum, my silver change and yes...even my new bowling shoes, dang. I think the thing that upset me the most is that when they stole all of my change, they didn't even have the nerve to take my pennies (I hate pennies) and that my passport picture was pretty darn good; so now someone has a really good picture of me walking around. Life happens, so I just kept on truckin'!

This week was fantastic at work, it just keeps getting better. I'm in charge of a couple pretty large projects that could benefit the company a great deal...hope I don't screw it up:) My boss, Mike, and everyone else I'm working with are fantastic and continue to help me learn the ropes. I took a Image & Career Goal Setting class which was quite interesting. I took what I learned and am helping a couple of folks in my office set goals for the future, they're very appreciative and are excited about having something to shoot for.

Had the first night of bowling (without my new shoes) and we shot pretty average, but pulled out the W over Split Happens. That's gonna be a good time! Practiced a little soccer action as well to get ready for the game this's not Mustang soccer, but it'll do.

Just kind of bummed around all weekend, except for one amazing bike ride. Mike, Tom and I took the bikes down to the Riverwalk where we were met with torrential was a fantacular ride.

Looking forward to the shortened week, my first soccer game and of course, my family coming into town. I hope there is some good weather so I can show my mom, step-dad and little bro a good time!

Until next time, remember that life happens...make the most of it.


Nate Klein

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