Sunday, September 30, 2007

Week 9 - Giving back

Hey there, hi there and hello there yet again! What another beautiful week in the Peach state. Hard to believe I've already been down here 2 months...time is just flying by!
This week at the ol' Aflac brought my last day in Support Services, which was my first stop on my 2 year journey with the duck. I must say, if every department I go to is even close to the experience I've had with the people in Support Services it will be an amazing couple of years! Everyone I met in the department was so helpful and kind to the entire time I was there, I know I've made some great friends that will stick with me throughout my run down here. I felt challenged and appreciated with every move I made, and I hope to continue to provide value to that department with the big projects I'm working on. Policy Services here I come:) I learned a lot about the company, budget process, it's people and culture...I think I made the right decision to come down here!
It was another great week outside of work as usual! It all started on that magical Wednesday night Aflac bowling league where yes, I did bowl a 201! Granted I started the night barely breaking 100 the first two games, but then I think I blacked out and bowled 6 straight strikes...that's right, the turkey dance came out twice and it was fantacular. That is by far the highest game I've ever bowled, I don't know what got into me. This weekend marked the first Callaway Biking Adventurness bike outings with Mikey at Callaway Gardens. That place is beautiful, and once we found the bike was amazing, very good times.
Highlight of the week though would have to be the volunteer action on Friday and Saturday. Began Friday with some Junior Achievement training for a class I'll be teaching over the next couple months, but that was just the start. Hands on Georgia Week kicked off Friday night with Game Night for the Homeless. It was amazing just to sit down with these folks and hear their stories and how appreciative they were for what we were doing for them. I was able to play a game or two with some of them, then I got the call to be the, that was a blast. The whole place was laughing and having a good time and it was fulfilling to see how happy these people were that usually don't get to celebrate too much. Saturday morning brought our first Aflac SIFE Alumni Sweat Equity project with the Easter Seals, which is an amazing organization that gives hope and a place to have fun to people with disabilities...something very near and dear to my heart after working at the Arc for the last 4 years back home. Interacting with kids that have down syndrome, autism and other societal disabilities has changed my outlook on life because when you step back and think about it, if they can be so happy with the hand they've been dealt in life, why should I be any different? Although the kids weren't there, our group pulled together and painted a few classrooms to spruce up the place a bit. We had a blast getting together outside of work to give back to a greater cause, and I think we've made a partnership with the Easter Seals for the future...I know I'll be back to help out! I just happened to be in the middle of a paint war with some compadres with the news crew came, and I think they just picked the most ridiculous looking person to take a picture of...I don't know if that is a good/bad thing for me, but I made the paper so that was pretty cool (
Well, another week in the books and a wonderful one at that...especially since I was able to take a nap by the pool today. Just booked my flight for the Packers game on November 18th (Go Pack), starting the countdown until pops comes down in a couple weeks and then in November I'm headin' back home...this month is just going to fly by! Until next time, try not to work too hard out there...if you love what you're doing, you'll never have to work another day in your life!

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