Sunday, September 23, 2007

Week 8 - Lovin' the Duck

Hey there, hi there and hello there again. What a fantastic week down in the south...I hope you are all livin' the dream too!
This by far has been the best week working for the Duck yet. The people I'm working with and the projects I'm working on are fantacular. Been getting some traction on my project to save the company thousands of dollars a month (which apparently is a good thing) and working with some very smart folks. We even were able to take the entire Support Serivces department out to the bowling lanes for an afternoon of karaoke, eating, BINGO and of course...bowling. We were all apparently supposed to wear football jerseys, but I didn't get that memo until I got to I made my own Brett Favre Packers was a hit!
We were even able to pull together all of the SIFE Analyst to start our own Aflac SIFE Alumni team. We're putting together some great projects for financial literacy, the homeless, insurance awareness and the list goes on. I never thought I'd be able to make a difference like I did back at the mount, but if we put it all together...the possibilities are endless on the lives we could impact! I atteneded my first Literacy Alliance Board of Directors meeting this week and they were thrilled to hear about the opportunities, and want me to join the board later this year...very excited about that!
Wednesday night bowling was decent, bowled a 156 (my best ever), followed by a weak 1cough19...ya, still not great! We won our second soccer game on Friday 5-nil and I had an assist, we've got a pretty solid team I think and could do some good things! Like my old self I got my head stepped on and the ref got in my face because I was apparently being a little too physical, don't know where that came from:) Went out with some of the SIFErs again on Friday for some of the most amazing putt-putt golf...words cannot explain the hilarity that ensued! Laying out by the pool has been amazing, but it's cooling down a bit (yes, 83 is cool down here...strange).
Welp, guess this is my last week in Support Services, then it's off to my next department for another couple of months of fun! I'm loving it down here but missing all my friends and family back home...hope you're all well! Can't wait to see you in November...until then, peace out.

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