Sunday, May 18, 2008

May 18 - MMC SIFE Wins Again!

Hey there, hi there and hello there to you all in the world! I hope life is treating you all well and a special hello to my uncle Greg celebrating his 25th birthday as well as my cousin Haleigh celebrating her graduation. Congrats to you both and all of the Mount Mercy mustangs that graduated yesterday ... best of luck to you all in the "real world." (It's not so bad;)

Work went by fairly quick this week since I was only in the office for about two and a half days. I'm still learning and growing into the supervisor role and it's been great to see the progress already that the team is making. We are working together much better now and even sharing ideas on how to get things done. We've been charged to head up the creation of the 2009 project plan and it's been a whirlwind ever since. I left on Tuesday for SIFE Nationals and they kept on top of their assignments all the while I was gone ... most importantly, they took initiative when questions arose and tackled them together. It's been very promising and will continue in the weeks to come.

First off, sorry I fibbed some of you into thinking I was not coming to SIFE Nationals ... I never would've missed it for the world! I think I may have given a few of them whiplash from the double-takes, but overall it was a very warm welcome. It was amazing to finally catch up with the ol' advisers and team, they hadn't missed a beat! I woke up early on Wednesday to see the 2008 MMC SIFE presentation for the first time and it was absolutely amazing. It brought tears to my eyes knowing that I was once a part of something that special. They truly changed the world over the last year and you could see the passion in each of them as they told their story of what they had done, absolutely amazing! In addition, to see how much each of them had grown over the years as they stood up and spoke in front of executives was absolutely breathtaking. Nothing can ever take away the impact you've had on people's lives ... including mine, congrats on the Top 60 finish. I also got to go out to eat with the ol' team at Bubba Gump Shrimp and the MMC SIFErs by far know how to have the best time of any team at Nationals! The group of seniors that graduated will be sorely missed (pictured above minus Sunshine), but there's an amazing group of underclassmen that will continue to carry the torch for years to come! O yeah, I actually had to work some as well for Aflac since they footed the bill (get it, footed the bill ... like a duck's bill!) We spent many-a-hour recruiting the top candidates and there were a plethora of juniors that will be great prospects next year. I think we met some mighty fine candidates for this year, but we will just have to see how it goes. We fellow SIFE Analyst had a great time hanging out, recruiting and eating some Chicago style pizza. Thank you all for an unforgettable time in Chicago!

It was a fairly slow sports week since I was out. We did win a big soccer game Friday night (no red cards thank you) to take 3rd place during the regular season. Tournament starts in a couple weeks, so we're looking for a big upset! We also had our end of the year u10 team party at a pizza joint. Almost everyone showed up for pizza, games and celebration. I made the kids promise to go out for soccer next year and I would continue to coach ... they agreed, so it looks like I'll be coaching in the fall. I handed each of them a trophy and they returned the favor with an amazing wood framed picture of the team with our team name "En Fuego 2008" burned into the border, what an amazing gift ... thanks! I can't wait for next season.

I think I have finally compiled my last bit of information for this dag-gum Miss Georgia program. I will be happy when that is finally over with, and not just because I now have a girlfriend;) O yes, on another note ... I've been asked by the graduating class at Prairie High School, my Alma mater, to speak at their commencement. So it looks like I will be back in Iowa this upcoming weekend for the great honor of addressing the graduating class ... hope I can come up with something clever!

Should be a crazy busy week as usual, but wonderful nonetheless. Please continue to keep my Grandma Naber in your prayers as she battles back ... she's a fighter and can kick just about anything, but your prayers are always welcome. Can't wait to again see everyone from back home, therefore my next post will be a bit tardy next week.

Have a wonderful week and keep your nose clean. As Rhonda Byrne once said, "It is impossible to feel bad and at the same time have good thoughts." Please keep the positive thoughts flowing and good feelings will overcome.



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