Sunday, June 13, 2010

June 13, 2010 - Go Team USA!!

Hey there, hi there and hello there. Welp, been a good bit since the last post, but a great visit back home got in the way of some blogging action:) Big birthday wishes out to cousins Allison, Megan and Ryan as well as congrats to Ken/Diane on their upcoming anniversary!!
Work has been pretty interesting over the last couple of weeks as I learn to wade through the business waters at Aflac. Word on the street is that our team has not only been charged with coming up with the 2011 business plan for the Policy Service department, but the Customer Service Center too ... wow, guess we're doing a couple things right.
O ya, then I heard through the grapevine that I'm now in charge of another online system, the complete data system for our agents. So, now we have that, our online system for our policyholders and the one for our accounts ... holy schnikes! I think we need a bigger team maybe:) Been spending some great 1v1 time with the team members over the last couple of weeks too doing personal SWOT analysis and setting them up with internal/external mentors ... I hope it will go well.
Crazy to think, but I already have my first midterm of the semester up at Emory, wow! It has been the most involved semester I have had thus far with hundreds of pages of reading ... incredible. I also started my third course for the summer too, Social Enterprise. It's an independent study course with two other students where we have weekly readings and then each Tuesday we get together over Skype to discuss, am very excited about this course!
It's been a pretty busy weekend too. Friday a few of us got together for an arena football game where the Columbus Lions put up 99 points, to the opponents zero, pretty sad! Then about fifteen of us got together on Saturday morning to help Melvin clean up his yard and lay sod with Habitat for Humanity. A little running action for next weekend's triathlon and rest by the pool took up the rest of it. Looking forward to some good Literacy Alliance gatherings in the next week as we are rollin' with programs.
O yes, last weekend was an absolute blast between breakfast with Gump, lunch with some ol' SIFErs, partyin' with pals at the Dry Dock, a couple weddings on Saturday and good family time on Sunday. I don't know how Jenny and I fit it in, but our "vacation" time usually doesn't involve much sleep, but we wouldn't have it any other way. Thanks to everyone for all the good times, including the hi-c juice box drinking match between the Klein boy cousins:)
Hope you all enjoy a wonderful week ... I know ours will be with a Pajama Run 5k, the Miss Georgia Pageant, a triathlon and yes ... the premier viewing of Toy Story 3!! Congrats again Bro on a good showing in your first golf tourney, pretty impressive I must say.

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