Sunday, November 28, 2010

November 28, 2010 - Happy Turkey Day!

Hey there, hi there and hello there to all you turkey lovers. I may be a week tardy, but too many good times were had in Iowa to sit down and blog:)
Guess I'll go backward over the last couple of weeks starting this past weekend with an amazing Klein wedding up in Manchester for cousin Kacie and Ron. It was an absolute blast to be around all the family, the crazy cousins and the dancing aunts/uncles. Made Jenny and I pretty excited about the possibilities for our gig in 11 months from tomorrow, wow! In the week leading up to the wedding, there was a good bit of family and friend time had. Everything from lunch with the ol' MMC SIFErs to breakfast with some of the P Hawks of old. Had a great visit at the Mount aswell ... would love to be a prof there someday, just some wonderful people indeed.
Lots of thanks and giving was had as well throughout the week with Jenny's family on Thanksgiving and my family a few different times:) Jenny picked out a wedding dress (yahoo, and it was under budget), then I was able to see the reception hall at Bella Sala after we did some taste testing with Hy-Vee. Pretty productive wedding planning week I must say! It was fun to hang out with the siblings of mine as well as Jenny's and see all of the nieces and nephews and how much they have grown. Crazy to think we'll be back in less than a month with the pooch to visit everyone for Christmas.
We had our big quarterly Literacy Alliance board meeting, not the greatest of turnouts, but an influential group nonetheless. We made some tremendous progress on our goals for each of the four committees and had some much needed discussions revolving around our board's diversity as well as our financials moving into the next year. Just hope that the funds continue andincrease the flowage moving forward!! Also had a YP lunch over the last couple of weeks too that is going to lead up to our board retreat here in a couple weeks with the exec committee.
We moved again at the Duck, so the whole PIC team picked up our gear and headed back downstairs again. I still have yet to unpack all of my stuff, but hope to accomplish that all tomorrow. Also, we had our quasi-annual Chili/Bakeoff where I had to redeem myself from two years ago finishing in dead last. Apparently my chili this year was much better, but still wasn't deemed "chili" by the esteemed panel of judges ... but at least I wasn't boo'd off the stage:) I did pull out the Marketing Award for my chili's brochure. Additionally, I've been given some additional responsibilities at work, similar to what I had done before as an undercover SIFE supervisor where some more tasks have been put on the plate. I'm pumped to continue to work with such a great team and see how we can get better for next year.
Should be a busy week ahead too with my final marketing class presentation tomorrow night and final negotiation on Wednesday night to round out the fall semester, only 6 more classes to go! Then we have the kickball championship game on Thursday, PIC team Christmas party on Friday followed by some pancake breakfast volunteering and the Aflac Christmas party Saturday night. O yes, we're squeezing holiday decorating in there somewhere ... maybe Tuesday:)
Hope you all had a tremendous Turkey Day and that these last few days of November bring you wondermous warmth!