Sunday, February 13, 2011

February 13, 2011 - Happy Valentine's Day All

Hey there, hi there and hello there to one and all. A special Happy Valentines Day to one and all ... especially Jenny of course, looking forward to making some VDay dinner tomorrow night compliments of Chef Nate:)
I probably should start off by saying, Go Packers!!! I wasn't able to say hello to everyone on the blog last week because it was at about this tie a week ago that my buddy Eddie and I were sitting in section 450 at Super Bowl XLV (by the way, Roman numerals are awesome!!!) The weekend started off Friday afternoon on what Garmin said would be an 11 hour drive putting us in Flower Mound, Texas at midnight ... little did we know that Mother Nature would stop us an hour outside of Dallas for 4.5 hours of waiting for trucks stuck in the ice.Two movies later and after a bit of a drive, we arrived at our buddies Blake/Jessica's house at 5:30am. We only needed a few hours of sleep before we headed off to wait in line for the NFL experience with cheesehead in tote.O yeah, did I mention we still did not have any tickets ... still had all of our fingers crossed and toes:) It was like a mini-combine at the NFL experience, so we did our broad jump, vertical jump, shuttle run and then we tested our football skills running some routes.O yes, then I stepped up and nailed a 40 yard field goal ... and as you can see, it was probably good from about 50 ... I'm just sayin', watch out Crosby:) It brought me back to the good ol' days.
That night we all went out to the Spaghetti Warehouse to fill up before going to a comedy performance by Dane Cook. Let's just say that my face hurt from laughter, that was one funny night indeed. O yes, and at this time we had only a sniff at some tickets for the next day ... but after a night filled full of anxiety for the next day's festivities ... we received one of my most favoritest text I've received when our buddy Tyler pulled through with two tickets to the Super Bowl ... holla! So, we did some shots of Splemonade (Sprite + Lemonade) and made our way to Jerry's House, North Texas Stadium, for Super Bowl Sunday. $85 parking was the cheapest we could find, only about a mile outside of the stadium though wasn't too bad. Then it was off to Cici's Pizza for our tailgate party, yes, Cici's Pizza had their $5 buffet all day ... tastylicious:)After walking around the stadium, taking pictures and hanging out with 100,000 of our closest Packer/Steeler fans it was time to pick up our ticket and make our way into the stadium. When the security man scanned my ticket, goosebumps up and down the arms!! Then it was into the stadium for a walk about to take it all in, including the ridiculously huge $40M HDTV. Eddie and I finally settled into our Steeler side seats where I was the only one with a cheesehead, but it didn't matter after that first quarter. A great first half led to an amazing halftime performance by the Black Eyed Peas. Edge of your seat football was brought to a close by a big defensive stand and my voice was gone by the end of the game to celebrate the Packers first Super Bowl victory in 14 years ... and I was there ... wow:) O yes, Eddie was a bit sad his Steelers didn't win, but had good times anyways!!!Itell you what, that was one amazing experience that I will not soon forget!!! Go Pack Go.
Work for the duck has been hectic, crazy and wonderful ... all together. I spent my first Saturday at work in the 3.5 years I've worked here, but to see all the progress and amazing things we put in this past weekend it was all worth it. Last week we had our State of the Company meeting with all of the leaders throughout the company. It's pretty amazing to hear our CEO talk about our company and where we're going for the next year, can't say that I've encountered a company quite like Aflac ... or if I ever will. I'm actually getting an opportunity this week to interview for the Manager of the PIC team position on Wednesday, something I didn't think would even be a possibility for another few years ... hope it goes well because I love the team/people I work with:)
Should be a fantcularly great week with a couple much-anticipated not-for-profit activities. First is happening Tuesday night with the Literacy Alliance's Trivia Bee FUNdraiser. Then, after our thank you celebration Thursday night, I will be working with United Way to put on our 2nd Live United Youth Camp. The lessons the students and volunteers will undoubtedly learn will change lives ... I think, forever.
Hope you all have a fantastic week and can't wait to get back with you next week.

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