Sunday, July 17, 2011

Why hello there! - July 17, 2011

Hey there, hi there and a long time hello there. Holy schnikes, I can't believe it's been two months since I hopped on here to say hello. We've had many birthdays and events to celebrate, including mom's birthday coming this Saturday ... happy birthday mom:)
Where do I even start ... it'sabout that time of year at Aflac where the craziness has begun! In between business planning,projects, people development and those "other duties as assigned", those days sure do get filled up fast ... and I love it. In June, I had a great opportunity to go through Emergenetics training( with some folks from corporate learning and the CEO of Emergenetics Int'l. It's a personality assessment tool that focuses onhow you have emerged through life and how that integrates from your genetics. Going through thisallows me to be an Emergenetics Associate/Consultant if companies/groups want to go through the workshop to learn about their people. I think I'm going to add this to my public speaking website someday for hire;)In addition to that, I was asked to help as the host for Aflac's video submission for the Fortune 100 Best Places to work ratings. It was a really fun experience working with the outside firm to do all sorts of crazy shots, including a half an hour in the elevator:) After that week, I was lucky enough to go on my first business trip to Boston for a tea party, or maybe to meet with some of our consultants. It was fun to head up there with my boss and other team members to learn about our opportunity areas and eat some clam chowder;) Lastly, probably the most exciting, has been the work I've been collaborating with our mentor initiative TEACH. We've got a small groundswell of folks together to help establish a mentoring culture at Aflac and it's really taking off ... good things to come!
Jenny and I had a good experience again this year in our 2nd triathlon at Callaway Gardens where we both beat our times from last year ... which was nice. Troubling though was when Jenny then thought it was a good idea for us to run a marathon together before our wedding ... hmm, wasn't quite sure about that one, but just signed up today for the 7 Bridges Marathon in Chattanooga, TN ... wish us luck!
One of the reasons for the tardiness in posts has been the craziness of this summer with some great visitors and visits. My best man Gump started off the summer with a Greyhound bus tour to Columbus. We had some good times hanging out and even entered a urban quasi-triathlon challenge for fun. Jenny and I also joined many a friend down in Panama City Beach for our good friend John/Miranda's weddingfestivities where yes, I brought my new engagement kayak (Jenny got a ring, she got me a kayak:). Shortly after that we visited PCB again with Candace and Andy after they drove down from Iowa, lots of good times on the beach and the water. Next up was Jenny's sister Tracy and family featuring Hambone Landon Urell (pictured here).A Braves game, touring Atlanta and chasing Caden around the house made for an exciting weekend indeed. O yeah, and Jenny's little sister Becca and friend Nicole are all down in PCB right now soaking up the sun:)
Not only did we have many a visitor down South, we also had some good times heading back home. Jenny had a great visit back home with a classic hot air balloon sky dive and a pretty amazing bridal shower put on by her sister crew. Thanks to all the lady friends and family for the gifts and kind words of encouragement ... especially those on our honeymoon registry ( Jenny's not the only one who had some pre-wedding fun as I was able to go back over the 4th of July weekend for my bachelor party. A 14 hour extraveganza began on the golf course with all the family gentlemen and groomsmen where we only hit four houses throughout the day! After playing for a few hours with some good times, we all headed to Mulligan's to good and warmed up for the rest of the day;) After some drinks, it was off to the Cedar Rapids Kernels game where at one point, members of the crew most definitely asked numerous officers if they could be tazed, yes with a real taser ... o, the memories. The evening came to a close at Fat Wally's with some pool and chillaxin' with some of the best friends/family a guy could ask for. Thanks so much for the memories and to Flugum for putting it all together.
The 4th of July was also a great celebration with the family/friends. It started off with some great food at the Ely Fireman's Breakfast with all of the fam. Some time out on the Res and downtown with Blake and Steph for the fireworks made for some great memories.
O yes, I've continued on with the volunteer front as well. My pal Meg and I had a great time with the Chase Home ladies teaching them about financial literacy and what a budget is. I even had one of them follow up two weeks later talking about how happy they were to participate and that she had already saved $200 because she made some life changes after the course ... pretty heartwarming. The Literacy Alliance and United Way boards have been ramping up as well with strategery and FUNdraising. I have board meetings for both of them this week, so let the good times roll:)
O, last and certainly not least is the final countdown for my MBA up at Emory. Just four short weeks left, and I will wrap up two years of driving, studying and learning ... where did the time go?
Hope you all continue well after the novel and have a great weekend!!

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