Sunday, February 12, 2012

February 12, 2012 - Learning to lead

Hey there, hi there and hello there to one and all. It's about that time of year to buy chocolate, give flowers and express your feelings for the people in your life. What I have found, is that often the more thought you put into a gift, it seems the less money you have to spend to make people happy. Here's to a Valentine's Day full of thoughtfulness and a bit of chocolate to bring a smile!
Aflac has been wonderfully crazy over the last month, which has catered well to my self-diagnosed ADD with so many projects to focus on all at one time:) We've changed up the team a bit and added some new folks to the crew that has provided a breath of fresh air. Just since the first of the year, the team has implemented projects saving over $250K, so I asked my boss if we could work on commission ... that didn't fly though;) The most exciting project has been one of collaboration between departments, bringing people together to serve the customer is a pretty rewarding job indeed.
So I just signed all the papers needed to walk for my graduation at Emory here in a few months, but instead of taking some time off I have jumped right into my doctorate in leadership which has already been a journey. I've been re-learning how to lead for the last month during my time with Creighton. I've thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to take time to reflect on why I'm leading the way I am. The leadership program has introduced me to not only some great books, but to some great questions that have sparked my imagination. And to think, I only have three more weeks of my first class on leadership reflection.
The volunteer front has been a blast as well kicking off the new year saying goodbye to my post as chair of the Literacy Alliance (although still on the board of course:) and saying hello to my new role as Vice Chair of Membership for the Young Professionals organization. We've had some great meetings, but the most promising was last Friday when I had the chance to present our Timeraiser idea to the CSU Friends of Art. I haven't been so excited for a project since our first Live United Youth Camp ... which, by the way is in year three down in Columbus this Friday - Sunday:) A Timeraiser is basically a silent auction, with a twist of attendees bidding on artwork not with their wallet, but with their volunteer hours ... genius way to get young professionals involved and connected to the arts community! I'm pretty pumped for our 3rd Annual Live United YouthCamp this weekend too, we're bringing back a camper from last year to share her story as well as having some of the Live United Youth Council students to volunteer. Who, by the way raised over $3,000 to allocate back to the community, pretty amazing indeed:)It's been a great start to 2012 and to think we're only a month away from one heck of a honeymoon ... fingers crossed for safe travels and calm political waters over seas:)
For your viewing pleasure, here is the 2011 Klein Recap ... what a year indeed!


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