Wednesday, March 28, 2012

March 28, 2012 - yup, we rode an elephant!

Hey there, hi there and hello there to one and all from Zimbabwe, Africa:) We're on the final stretch of our honeymoon and this will probably be the last time we say jambo until we get state side because tomorrow we head out to the bungaloos of the Hwange National Park for our 4 day safari to see the Big 5!
Since we last typed together, we've seen so much, don't even know where to start, well I do, but that sounded nice! After Petra we drove out to the middle of the desert, yes the Captain's Desert Camp in Wadi Rum. Let's just say the first few hours did not impress the wife, but after many games of Phase 10, Cribbage and hangining out, it was time for a delicious dinner. Then our night turned around as we thought we were staying in a 120 sq ft tent, the manager came over and gave us our 4th honeymoon upgrade to the penthouse tent:) Ok, not a penthouse, but we had more room to spread out and even our own toilet and shower, which was key! The next day was great fun too as we toured the desert and climbed all over for great views!
The next day was full of traveling, starting with a 3 hour tour on the road to Amman, Jordan to bid this great country farewell. Amman to Cairo on a flight, then hopped on a big plane to Joburg's impressive airport on an 8 hour flight, o yes, then one more flight to Victoria Falls ... we were glad to land and be done with flights for a week!
We're currently in Vic Falls, and it's probably been the highlight of the trip. The first night we arrived and went on a sundowner cruise on the Zambezi River. We got to see so many species of birds, a couple crocodiles and yes, even the massive hippos ... my favorite! The sunset was gorgeous and our Vic Falls Safari Lodge is majestic, overlooking a watering hole where warthogs, water buffalo and elephants frequent!
Yesterday it was time to visit the actual falls, very impressive. Our guided walking tour took us through the beauty of the Main Falls, the Rainbow Falls and whilst walking, we got absolutely drenched because of the high water this time of year. Towards the end we even saw a few monkeys, which were pretty hilarious.
This next part the parents probably don't need to read ... because it involved me jumping off a bridge, but I'm here to tell you I survived. I had to do some convincing of Jenny on the honeymoon to bungee jump off of the Victoria Falls Bridge, but being the most amazing wife ever, she reluctantly let me:) It was the most intense experience of any of the extreme activities I have done jumping into the most beautiful falls where every photo had a rainbow and a view full of memories. I won't lie, dangling the toes over the edge knowing crocodiles were below was a bit weary, but I got ir done with the utmost safety and return to land:)
For my adventure, I did have to get Jenny something, so we decided to do an elephant safari. Yup, we rode on an elephant through the jungle and it was spectacular, even though their mufflers were a little gassy:) We were able to feed them and learn all about these gentle giants through the forest. After the tour, we went to the craft market where we were the beneficiaries of many "sunset specials," classic haggling at it's finest. Heck, I even traded two shirts I had bought at an outlet store for gifts back home, it was hilarious and a great time!
Today was our first experience on a true safari as we crossed the border to Botswana on the Chobe. We began the morning on the Zambezi River where we got close and personal with so many elephants and a bit too close and personal with hippos, but they just wiggled their big ol' ears at us. After a tasty lunch, we hopped on a safari 4x4 to tour the Chobe National Park. There we continued our games of cat and mouse with the elephants, too close for some's comfort! Then, we saw some Kudu, Impala, Warthogs, Water Buffalo and even Giraffe. It was an amazing day indeed, even though we didn't see any of the big cats, we're hoping to see them over the next few days in Hwange.
Welp, it's about that time to get some good rest to finish up our trip and our time in Vic Falls. We are continuing to be safe (even bungee jumping:) and are having a great time. Thanks again for all the well wishes and we can't wait to see you all soon ... especially after we visit Pizza Hut and get some Ovaltine:)
Nate and Jenny

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