Sunday, October 7, 2012

May 27, 2012 - What a month!!

Hey there, hi there and hello there all.  Wow, what a crazy busy month this has been, maybe the busiest of all time ... OK, probably not, but wonderful indeed.  Had a graduation, a trip back home, some work, a trip to KC and all sorts of fun.

Since I last wrote, we had a great Employee Appreciation Week at Aflac.  The week started off with that trip to Callaway Gardens with Jenny and then the week was filled with prizes, food and a chance for me to dust off my ol' announcing skills for over 700 tenured employees.  Our celebration at the Civic Center was fantacular fun times while the afternoon volunteering with the team was even more meaningful.  The PIC team headed over to PAWs Humane for a wondermous afternoon of walking and washing dogs for the YP Servant Leadership Day of Action.
O ya, then I graduated from Emory ... which was awesome indeed:)  I had the great delight of being our class' orator with a speech on how to LIVE life (  Jenny and I made a weekend of it, probably the most supportive person ever ... thanks honey:)

O yes, how could I forget that we also flash mobbed our commencement day with a special Taio Cruz remix, wow what fun group of friends ... will never forget, thanks for the great memories.
Then it was back home for another graduation of little sister Becca Boo Bear Bridgewater, off to UNI to study accounting.
It was fun to be back home to see friends and family, especially our nieces and nephews that have grown up so big, wow!
It was our first trip home since the honeymoon, so the kids thoroughly enjoyed their African drums and gifts as noise makers, sorry aunts/uncles:)
May was one heck of a month, I mean all of that and then it ended with a wonderful trip to Kansas City for the SIFE USA National Expo.  It was great to see my mentors Tom and Tony in addition to some of the crew from the MMU team.
  I was humbled by the SIFE Alumnus of the Year honor joining great alum company indeed:)
A bonus about the trip was a visit to my best friend Gump and his wife Jenna.  Made for a fun weekend and we even had our ol' roomy Horman join the fun for a golf outing and walk around town.  I miss those two, great friends indeed:)
Welp, that was a fun month ... what a year ... and we're not even halfway done!

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