Sunday, November 18, 2012

November 18, 2012 - Happy Thanksgiving

Hey there, hi there and hello there to one and all after one of the best weeks ever, great indeed!  Not only has work been fun and fruitful, but in a week leading up to Thanksgiving, I was able to meet one awesome man and be a part of one of the best events ever ... Time for Art.
This past week at Aflac has been pretty rewarding.  Not only did this week include a payday, it was Aflac's annual bonus day.  I had the opportunity to bring our whole team together to chat and reflect on what it means to work for a company that has never had a layoff and continues to reward their employees' efforts with not only a plush holiday duck, but a bonus ... pretty special if you ask me.  In addition, Aflac announced the 15 or so specialists that won a trip to NYC for the Heisman dinner.  I found out early that one of the specialist on the team won, so I took the whole team to watch the video on a TV in the hallway and video taped her reaction ... it was priceless to see the team's joy and happy tears that she had:)
Had a chance last weekend to go out with the boys to Providence Canyon for a camping trip.  Five of us headed out Saturday afternoon for a walkabout on the trails and a great night camping under the stars with easy mac and hot chocolate, delicious indeed.  In the morning we walked out visiting the canyons and taking in nature, very refreshing indeed.  It's been fun taking the Lincoln out on the trails the last couple of weeks too with his buddy Barkley, he's getting pretty well trained ... still quite the puppy though.  Best thing about Lincoln is that every night when we get home, the level of excitement he has to see us is absolutely amazing and cheers us up no matter the day!
While the bonus at the Duck was great and the hiking was fun, the best thing over the last couple of weeks was our Young Professionals Time for Art event.  It's been about 10 months in the making since the idea was brought to the group and this past Thursday, we had a wondermous event!  Our theme: Bid Time - Give Back - Get Art.  It was an event, first of its kind in the USA (that we could find), that brought in 22 not-for profit agencies for people to connect with and 36 pieces of art that people got to bid on ... instead of their money, they bid their time.  The 165 attendees bid 2,000 hours back to our community which is the equivalent to our event employee one full time person to volunteer over the next year in our community.  Thanks to Jenny and all of the friends for the support to help turn an idea, into reality ... truly amazing!
Welp, about to have a great short week at work and celebrate Thanksgiving with my wife and pooch ... hope everyone is able to remember all they are thankful for, including some tasty food!


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