Sunday, April 20, 2008

April 20 - Viva Las Vegas

Hey there, hi there and hello there all. I would just like you to know that I made a delicious pizza tonight and it was scrumtrulescent ... right after I laid out by the pool:) First things first, a happy 40th birthday week to my Grandpa Klein (pictured above)! I hope all is going well, and as long as the Cubs keep winning that is a distinct possibility.

We had another wonderful week at Aflac, not as busy as last, but productive nonetheless. I continued some creative work on the SS&A 500 leadership conference by putting together some videos and some hilarious introductions. I learned a bit more about the Sales Support area and have my first draft of my project done and now I get to chat with one of the associates next week to see how feasible it would be to implement. Last week was also my first encounter with an Aflac peer review concerning the privacy project I've been working on since the get-go. Basically, we sat around and took a fine tooth comb through our second phase statement of work to help determine how to move forward and finish our plan. Sidebar: I've found that I'm one of very few people that thoroughly enjoy meetings and I had many this week that went quite well. I also started helping out with Employee Appreciation Week festivities this past week as I volunteered to be in a video and wear a costume ... this could be dangerous, I've heard it could be a monkey:) I haven't heard anything further about the change in my rotation, hopefully sometime this week.

Had an up and down week on the ol' soccer pitch. Our co-ed team tied the first place folks on Wednesday after a grueling match. Then Thursday brought the game of the year for my u10 team. We won 2-1 over the team that we played the first game of the season and lost 9-1 ... what an amazing turn-around. The parents are now all asking if I'm coming back to coach next season ... well, not really asking, more like telling me I have to;) Saturday we played the undefeated team, and that's all I'm going to say about that! I'm also on a co-ed softball team to benefit the Relay for Life cancer benefit and we had our first practice today. For not playing ball in about 12 years, I think I held my own for the most part. You would've been proud pops, just like the ol' Hamilton Medical days.

I wrapped up the week with a couple more volunteer activities. Eddie and I ventured over to the Columbus Lions game to promote the Literacy Alliance last night again where we handed out many a brochure full of informative facts. Saturday morning I helped out at the 4th annual Mega Block Party down by Fort Benning. It was an event for children to learn about the services that are available in the community, eat some free food and play in the space jump along with other games. I was put in charge of one of the most vital aspects of the day ... parking; now I can say I've done it all!

Today I finally got out to the pool after a rousing game of tennis, what a gorgeous weekend. It's only four more days until my sister, Barb, pops and myself head out to the City of Lights ... Viva Las Vegas. This will be my first time out there and I know there is so much to do, but I'm looking forward to some good family time and festivities. I've never been a big gambler, but after watching "21" I think I might be able to beat the house:) Next week's blog may be a bit delayed, but it will be here nonetheless. O, and then I have another treat when Jenny comes in to town for some good times ... what a great couple of weeks ahead.

Before I leave I just want to remember Shelly Starcevic who passed earlier this week. Her father Mick has always been and will continue to be a roll model for me as I passed through the College Community schools, but his daughter was a joy to have at Prairie High. She will forever be remembered as a kind spirit and one of Prairie's number #1 all-time fans. As we remember, I leave you with a morsel in tribute to Shelly's of which her family/friends can be proud to say that her character/spirit will live on. "The only thing that walks back from the tomb with the mourners and refuses to be buried is the character of a man. This is true. What a man is survives him. It can never be buried." JR Miller

Continue to be the person you say you are and your character will take care of itself. Have a wonderful week and Vegas ... here we come!



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