Monday, April 28, 2008

April 28, 2008 - The city of flashing lights!

Hey there, hi there and hello there all. Hola and como esta? It's been a while, so I thought I'd toss in some Spanish to spice it up a bit!

Last week went by pretty darn quick at work and it was fantastic. Sales Support is another great department and they're letting me in on some significant projects which make the days go by fast. I'm still leading the effort to increase our close rate and wrote a business plan to present to our execs tomorrow ... should be pretty interesting. The leadership conference is coming together quite nicely and it's been a blast putting it all together and having real input! I learned a great deal about our Field Force Ethics and Contest Administration teams throughout the week too. I went to my first project ranking session and finished the work week with an interesting training class based on John Maxwell's "Laws of Leadership."

Our soccer team had another good practice last Monday and a couple tough losses over the weekend and tonight. The commissioner asked what I thought about forfeiting against a team that's been running up the score on teams but I couldn't bring myself to asking the kids and parents to quit, so we pulled together and played a great team game. Even though we lost pretty good, I know it was the right thing to do and all the kids seemed pretty jazzed to be heading into the tournament this weekend. Like my dear sister Steph, I had the opportunity to help out the local United Way with their Live United photo/video shoot which was quite intriguing!
Then it was off to Las Vegas with pops, Steph and Barb for an amazing vacation in Nevada. We arrived Thursday evening and we checked into our room at Ballys ... then it was to the floor where a mixture of flashing lights, sounds and people about gave me whiplash! I started off on the penny machines for a few pulls before graduating to the quarters ... either way, it was a quick way to lose money! That first night was brief, but the next day was fantastic. We got some grub and walked the strip for a bit. It's absolutely amazing to see the amount of people having such good times losing money in these miraculously gorgeous hotels/casinos. We walked through Paris and Planet Hollywood before Steph and I got tickets for Stomp Out Loud on Friday night. It was a relaxing day at the pool as well and then of course we had to hit up some more machines at Caesar's Palace and Treasure Island. We bought our Cirque de Soleil tickets and walked through the exhibit of amazing artwork before heading off to eat dinner and sit down at the slots ... ya I know, 1-800-BetsOff:) Steph and I then went out to Stomp Out Loud at Planet Hollywood and it was one of the most amazing-high energy shows that I've ever seen. It just blew my mind to see what these artists could do with everyday street items and a little rhythm; I recommend it for everyone if they get the chance. That night we met up with Missy, Makenna and Thad from back home in Iowa as they took us out on the town to the Palms club Rain. Let's just say that there were go-go girls, multiple levels, men in kilts and fire. That's all I have to say about that, o, and we dominated the dance floor ... thanks guys! After a late evening we got up to do some more sight-seeing at Riveria and then it was over to Bill's for some more gambling. This is the only place I won and it was with my good buddy the Roulette table which was followed by my not so good friend Mr. Black Jack. My first hand was an Ace & 8 and I can admit it, I hit ... I ended winning by dealer bust, but let's just say that's where my luck said farewell! Another relaxing afternoon by the pool and a wonderful trip over to TI for the Cirque de Soleil show Mystere (pictured above). This was all at the same time hilarious, acrobatic and wonderful. Some of the things these folks could do with their bodies I did not think was humanly possible. They are some of the greatest athletes I think I have ever seen and the show effects made the experience that much more amazing, especially the inverted trampolines ... wow, that would be fun! We then stayed for the Pirate show at TI before beating the crowds back to our place. Sunday morning brought some wonderful French crepes (best meal of the trip:) and I continued to wander up to MGM, Luxor, Excalibur, New York New York and a bit further up the strip to see the sights. There is so much to do that I could probably already tell you what I'll be doing my next trip which includes a comedy/magic show, the Stratosphere and Red Rock and/or the Grand Canyon. I can't thank Barb and Dad enough for the grad present and Steph for the amazing stories and good times, it was definitely unforgettable and I can't wait to see you again.
I hope you all continue to have the best of time with everything that life tosses at you. If you could all please keep my Grandma Naber in your prayers as she recovers from another stroke that'd be greatly appreciated. She's a fighter and a big Cubs fan ... so go Cubbies and best wishes Grandma! She would appreciate this week's morsel as an avid euchre player, "We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand." So, no matter what life tosses at you, keep on truckin' and as Grandma would say ... "that's all I know."
Can't wait to see you tomorrow Jenny and I'm looking forward to Simba, Timon, Pumba and especially Rafiki! Have a great week all and thanks again fam:)
Alwayz, Nate

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Anne said...

Hey, there -

I always enjoy reading these, Nathan - you have quite the knack for putting things in to words...wonder where you get that from :-)

Wanted to let you know I printed this off and helped Grandma read the paragraph about put a smile on her face. Good job.

Have a good one! -Anne