Sunday, June 1, 2008

June 1, 2008 - One Week for Gump:)

Hey there, hi there and hello there to everyone from sunny Columbus, GA where the temperature is in the mid 80's, the Rollerblades are in full swing and the pool is glorious! This is the week we've been waiting for, the Flugum wedding ... very exciting! I can't wait Gump, this will be amazing and in less than a week you'll be married ... holy schnikes;)

Ever have a 4 day work week where it seems like 5-6 days of work got done ... yup, it was one of those jam packed, fun filled and eventful weeks at work. I started off the week interviewing for one of the vacant positions on my team and let me tell you, after my first interview I can understand why every HR person I talk to says that they could write a book ... wow. Let's just say that the first candidate was ... intense:) I like to think of myself as an overly enthusiastic fellar, but I was put to shame! Luckily we had another candidate that is very solid, hopefully we will get the offer out in the next couple of days ... what an experience. It's been pretty crazy busy in the new gig with all of the 2009 project planning, cost benefit analysis and visibility projections (words I've never really put together, but it makes it sound kind of important I guess:). I find it quite interesting how circumstances, requirements and a hundred other things can change so quickly in a company this size, but they do. It's been hard, but I had to hand off all of my previous departmental projects and focus on my new gig over the last week and a half. I also had the opportunity to sit in on a few more SIFE Analyst interviews for the upcoming "class" of SIFE new hires. We've decided that shaving their hair into a mullet would be a good hazing, bring some spice to Corporate America! I did have a couple "aha" moments this week as I finally was able to take on the mentorship role of my new job. I set up goal sessions with each of the guys on my team for an hour and it brought about a great opportunity to learn about them on a personal level. I was nervous that they wouldn't want to share their goals with someone younger than them, but I was truly happy when they opened up and we talked through their personal, professional, spiritual, financial and other life goals. This also gave me an opportunity to provide some feedback after my month with them. I thought it would be more difficult than it was, but they were very receptive to the constructive feedback and they understood where I was coming from. They are very appreciative to have some direction on the team and I think they are starting to believe more in their abilities to succeed.

The ol' spring soccer season ended this week with a pair of wonderful losses. Our 18+ team was up a goal with 7 minutes left when a shaky no call gave the other team a tie. After the first OT they were up one and that's when I decided to take over ... ok, not so much, but I did get ridiculously lucky when I crashed the goal and humped in a shot from about 8 inches out to send the game to PKs. I ended up hitting mine, but our team ended up on the short end of the stick. O yes, and apparently there is a shortage of coaches because the travel league asked if I would be the head coach of the u12 boys traveling Academy team. I'm telling you all that I'm saying "no" now so you can hold me to it, because then I would have to skip out on En Fuego and I could never give up those little rascals;)

I also got a call from the Columbus Young Professionals Program Director as she was looking to fill all of the committee chair positions. Apparently Fundraising Chair isn't as appealing as the other positions I volunteered for, but they had no one else volunteer for it ... so yeah, I said I would take it on. Hey, I just got done with the Miss GA Program so why not fill my time with another activity, should be a great time! A few of us got together on Saturday for a couple of hours to spread the word around town about the Aflac Teen Read program at the library. Just an FYI, if you're looking for teenagers on a Saturday ... they're nowhere to be found around the noon o'clock hour; we had a great time though!

Only a couple more days until I'm back in Shueyville to get ready for the Flugum wedding. To think, it was just 5 years ago that Jenna and Ryan were voted most likely to elope at PHS and now look at them, about to become Team Gump! Pictured above is a wonderful memory of Ryan and I burning our Accounting notes ... fantacular! Can't wait to see you two, the fam, the lady and all the rest of the friends. I will tell you Ryan, I love you so much that I'm skipping out on horseback riding, skeet shooting and good times with the Aflac President on his farmland and the other SIFErs just for you:)

Wanted to toss in one last hello to the grandparents, I hope you are all doing well and a special prayer out to one of the guys on my team John and his family as they cope with their loss. We're thinking of you Duke! Blake and Jess ... best of luck with the new pup Sheri!

Next week will again be a delayed blog as I plan to party hard at the bachelor party, the wedding and every other day that goes along with it.

To all my pals stepping into the real world or that are already there, here is the morsel of the week from my good pal Jack Welch: "More often than not, business is smell, feel, and touch as much as or more than numbers. If we wait for the perfect answer, the world will pass us by." Sometimes you just have to go straight from the gut!



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