Monday, June 9, 2008

June 9, 2008 - Congratulations Flugum Family!

Hey there, hi there and hello there all. Many shout-outs are to be had this week including Auntie Anne & Jim's Anniversary and cousin Allison's 18th birthday ... wow, you're getting old! Also, just wanted to say hi to Greg, Carolyn and the kids as I know they were planning on making it down until Mother Nature decided to wash out their driveway; I hope all is getting better back in Iowa as the rain bears down:)

It was a wonderfully short work week for the ol' duck as I was there only Monday and Tuesday last week. I worked on a few projects over the two days of course and then got involved in an administration wide initiative. Basically, we're looking at having all of the different systems "talk" to each different department which would greatly enhance the customer experience! I also had my final one-on-one with one of the team members and I would have to say that the first go round was a success:)

The rest of the week was dedicated to my best pal Ryan Flugum as I prepared to hand him off to Jenna in marriage;) I arrived late Tuesday evening into Shueyville after a wonderful car ride with pops. Steph and I went to Victor's Place for breakfast Wednesday morning and had a great chat before I bought Jenny a gnome and a plant ... what a combo! I visited her and the co-workers at the Marengo Hospital for a couple of hours. I got a thumbs up from the co-workers and the patients. I walked in and handed her the gnome as if I got her that instead of flowers, but then I sprung the volcanic plant on her before I left and she thoroughly enjoyed it ... I think. Wednesday afternoon I hung out with Gump, played with Alfie and went to the terrible Indiana Jones movie. That night we had a triple date at the Irish Democrat with Gump/Jenna, Horman/Jessi and myself/Jenny. It was a great night of cheese wontons and pool! Thursday Jenny delivered one of the most amazing bachelor party boob cakes for Ryan; honey, it was a hit ... and quite delish. About 10 of us joined Ryan at Brown Deere golf course for his bachelor party. After almost hitting his golf coach on the first tee, I settled in and hit my first legitimate birdie and numerous par holes. I shot under 100 and did quite well if I do say so myself. Some pizza at Pagliai's followed before heading over to Schimidt's place for some pre-partying and gift opening ... let's just say, they were amazing! After Flugum put his bell on we all went down to College Street Billiards for some pool and ended the night on the dance floor at the Field House. You know it was a good night because both Horman and Flugum were getting their groove on by the end of the evening. Flugum ended the evening with some of the most amazing conversations, including the following: "Man guys (long pause) I am as thirsty as a coyote." This was followed by a five minute discussion on how coyotes die from thirst ... it was fantacular!

After lunch with Jenny and Tracy, which was scrumptious ... thanks, it was off to the mount to visit old pals. I got to chat with Roy, Dean Castle, Beth Tjelle and a bunch of folks from the admission office. I joined my good pal Sarah Jencks for some wonderful ice cream as well ... good luck with the professional interviewing job;) Friday was of course rehearsal practice/dinner mixed with good times. After Touch of Class we all had some grub at Big D's place in Swisher where my good pal Ryan gave me an amazing pen! After that shin-dig, Jenny joined me at Funkmaster's send-off party before he leaves for Melbourne, FL ... good luck buddy! We saw some classic people including MM, Andy V., McCusker, Wolfy, Joey and many others as I whooped up in some ping-pong. BTW, Jenny passed the test with all I do believe!

Friday I also got to play with the new addition, Doc, our yellow lab (pictures to come in weeks ahead). He is an amazing pup and full of energy as he likes to nibble on my ear.

Saturday I headed down to the Farmer's Market for a Primo Burrito and a visit with Anne King and some other SIFErs ... including Jaynr:) Then it was off to the wedding and one of the greatest weekends in a long time! One minute after some amazing pictures in our sharp get-up it started to pour down rain, 20 minutes before the ceremony. I tell you what, positive thought brought the rain to an end 10 minutes before and it ended up being a perfect outdoor wedding where I signed my best pal's life away to Mrs. Flugum ... I didn't even drop the rings! Plus, I think the flower girl had the hots for me as we came up with our own handshake.

The reception was one of the best I've ever been to, and it all started with a delectable meal. I was fortunate to be able to give a little poetic diddy for Flugum which was tough for me. Then the real fun started as we all cut a rug on the dance floor. The parents got their groove going early and often as I showed Jenny up with my dance moves; yes, I win;) It was great to see all of the old faces and hear how everyone is doing. There were plenty of moves to be seen, but it was hard to say good bye at the end of the night ... I do miss all the great family and friends that joined the festivities a good bit.

Sunday was of course time for brunch at dad's where everyone made the trip down that could. It is always great seeing you all and I appreciate it a great deal!

I had another amazing flight experience that ended up working out quite well. Thanks Jenny for putting up with me throughout the week, I think you passed all of the friend, family and even the Grandpa test:)

Mr. & Mrs. Flugum: I know you are both having a great time in Hawaii right now, but I want to thank you for being the best of friends. I know that you will continue to live, laugh and love for years to come ... I will never forget the good times and look forward to the memories that lie ahead.

For now folks, that's all I've got ... phew, that was a busy week if I do say so myself.

In the words of my good pal Elvis, "Thank you ... thankyouverymuch." You can never say it enough and it doesn't take but a couple of seconds to make some one's day!



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patti.seda said...

That was a great assessment of the whole week with one exception...I think the committee voted Jenny the winner:)
Love you, dear son.