Sunday, August 10, 2008

August 10, 2008 - Don't worry, be happy!

Hey there, hi there and hello there everyone. Another week in the books, and a wonderful one at that!

Aflac continues to be crazy busy, but I would have it no other way. The team hit a milestone this week by completing documentation we've been working on for the past 2 months ... so obviously I had to bake muffins and get poked fun at for the miniature size of them:) This week was again filled with business planning, including what was supposed to be a two hour meeting gone 6 hours ... very informational though. My boss-man Mike and I had some great conversations about my performance and the outlook for the future, so it was very beneficial. Our team has become, more or less, the new hub for online services at Aflac and I think we have some ideas that could really move it forward and increase the lines of communication a great deal! The team also embarked on our mission to document business rules for the department, which has been a year in the making ... finally, we decided to jump in the pool and flap our arms. This week also marked my first attempt at performance appraisals. I want to do quarterly updates with my team, and this week we went over their performance to date. Fortunate for me, none of them were too surprised by their marks and they each have "opportunity" areas where they plan to improve. I also had a great lunch with my mentor Joe this week as we discussed various things going on in our lives and of course he gave me some pointers on how to handle some sticky situations going on at work. He has a passion for reading, so we're going to pick up again with the book, "What got you here won't get you there." (Thanks for the recommendation ma:).

This coming week marks the arrival of some new SIFErs to Aflac, so we had to break them in with style yesterday. A little La Cantina action was followed by a photo shoot with a panda bear and a rousing round of mini-golf for all. Alisha and Patrick seem like two cool cats that should fit in well here at the duck. Yesterday was also the long awaited bike ride up at Callaway. Joe, his son, Mike/Jolynn, Tina and myself trekked up to the beautiful Callaway Gardens for an enjoyable ride through the sights ... it was very relaxing and has got me back in workout mode.

This was a big week for the Young Professionals program at the Chamber. I held my second committee meeting and the FUNdraising group decided that bowling would be our first event. In addition, we're starting to plan for the annual YP Gala in May ... that'll be an amazing event! We had a board retreat meeting where I was able to give a brief presentation of what we've been up to and we received some great insight on how to move forward. I also picked up my u12 coed soccer roster and it sounds like we'll have a pretty decent team, so practices will begin soon!

Well I hear Michael Phelps callin' my name from the pool, so I'm going to get back to the games. Hope you all enjoy your week and I'll leave you with a morsel from my latest book, The Power of Nice; "And in the end, the pie you take is equal to the pie you bake." If someone lends you a helping hand or extends a smile your way, make sure to keep it going and pay it forward. Until next time ... you stay classy planet earth.



ps, glad you enjoyed your bday gift Jenny:)

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patti.seda said...

Speaking of the Olympic swimmers...when Nathan was just a little tyke he would stand on the side and say "I'm Greg Luuuuuganiiiiiiiis!" then flop into the water.