Sunday, August 24, 2008

August 24, 2008 - Happy birthday pops!

Hey there, hi there and hello there everyone. Happy belated birthday to my godmother Anne and a happy anniversary to Greg/Carolyn ... the Olympics brought back amazing memories of the infamous Dominque Mocianue (or however you spell her name) slip plate gymnastics:) Birthday wishes also go out to Thad, Sam the man, Diane and a special one to my pops ... imagine I'm there to give you a big hug and nuggey (not quite sure on that one either) this Saturday!
Wonderful works times continued at Aflac this week with more glorious business planning ... I think it may almost be done, but most likely not. I will say that this whole process is quite ridiculous, but I suppose people making more money than I do really like all of the information we've put together over the last month ... hope it all works out. Our team has really taken on the Online Services for the company and it's been pretty interesting to say the least. We've been the point of contact for the improvements to the services and had many a meeting with IT and other business units. We even had an elevation over the weekend that I had to validate, so it has been a good learning experience. I did have the great opportunity to listen to our Chief Information Officer chat about developing people and the affect it'll have on the future of Aflac; it was quite interesting I will say.
Had a fantacular week of volunteer action as well since I started up the little league soccer coaching again with team En Fuego. Although we are pretty tiny, I think we have a better team and more talent this season so it should be a good time. Eddie and I got together to help out Hope Harbour as well this week with their spaghetti dinner and we were going to play some ball with the kids, but apparently Hurricane Fay didn't want that to happen! Probably the coolest gig this week though was with Swinney when he and I went to Columbus State University. I've been trying to get the CSU SIFE team up and going for about 8 months now and we finally connected with a professor that is going to take it on in one of his classes. Jason and I went and spoke with the class and it gave me the chills talking about the impact you can have on people's lives through this organization. Some of the students seemed really excited and I think we're going back in a couple of weeks to help with some project ideation. Had a couple meetings for the YP group as well, but nothing too big.
We did have a Young Professionals event that went wonderfully at a place called Belloos (not named after the Jungle Book bear, I was disappointed). I also got to hang out with my good pal Mary Jo Nie (not to be confused with Mary Jonie as the announcer called her). MJ was on the Iowa state championship softball team that came down to LaGrange, GA for the national tourney. I drove up to watch some ball on Friday night from about 6:45 pm - 3:45 am ... ridiculous! They decided to play the entire tournament in one night since some nasty storms were brewing, and they ended up winning so it was all good. It was fun to hang with MJ and her pals and I by far was the best fan; ok, so I was the only fan but who's counting? Saturday was another late evening with Miranda's bday party action, Elvis style (as you can tell with the shades and chest hair in the picture:).
The weekend was full of chillaxin' though, so it was great because next weekend will be wonderful! Jenny is coming down over Labor Day weekend and we are going to venture to Panama City for some time in the sun ... if Fay allows it. I've heard the beaches are wonderful and I did some volunteer work for a guy who happened to have a condo on the beach that he's letting us use ... for free ... sweeeeeet! It is going to be a great time, I just hope we get to go wranglin' with a gator.
Well dad, I hope you have a wondermous birthday week and that all your wishes come true! Can't wait to see you again, but until next time ... have fun!

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