Sunday, November 23, 2008

November 23, 2008 - Steph's in town ... here comes Jenny:)

Hey there, hi there and hello there all. Well, congrats to Mr. Funke for making it another year on Tuesday ... wow! O yes, and this is probably one of the greatest weeks as my wondermous sister Stephanie is joining me right now (I think she's eating for the 4th time tonight) and Jenny will be hanging out with us tomorrow night ... which I am excited about!

Aflac was pretty fun this week as we're making some more headway on our projects. I did have to bust out the stern Nate once this week ... really didn't want to, but sometimes that is just the way it is I suppose. I've had a real rough time with all of the red tape over the past few weeks, it gets pretty darn frustrating jumping through all these hoops just to get simple things done; very disappointing I must say. On the flip side, our team came together and on Monday we're going to donate more than 100 canned goods to a local charity, pretty amazing for a small team I must say. Also, the team all got together and went out for a fall luncheon out at the Farm House which was delicious.

Had a wonderful service week as well as we donated the Born Learning Trail with the United Way, the Columbus Mayor and our Chief People Officer there for the ribbon cutting. I also had a few meetings for the YP Gala and our Favorite Word Gala ... sure looks like there are a lot of galas coming up and I don't think I've ever even been to one!

Best part of the week though was having Steph come and fly into town, only a few days after her Teach for America offer (congrats on that). To celebrate that, and the profit sharing bonus (thank you Aflac), I went and picked Steph up for a dinner on Friday night at PF Chang's. I surprised her with an overnight stay in Atlanta at the Sheraton. Saturday we went out on the town and of course we had to visit the Georgia Aquarium which was again amazing. Then we did cartwheels in Centennial Park and checked out the CNN Center for some ice cream of course. Saturday night we busted out the ol' bowling shoes for some good times with some of the SIFErs at the BA and today we just did a lot of hanging out. It was great just to have some brother sister time and much needed I must say.

We're both looking forward to, ok me probably more, to having Jenny join us tomorrow eve for some extended good times throughout the holiday. Sad to say that Steph is leaving on Wednesday, but Jenny will be staying for a good 8 days ... which is awesome!

Well I got a late start this eve and have a big day tomorrow I will have to leave a short tip. So, here is the morsel I gave my sister as she is making her career choice, "Do what makes you happy ... and you'll be happy."

I wish all of my family and friends back home in Iowa a terrific Turkey day. I wish I could be there to eat some pumpkin pie and have the good times, but I will be thinking about you as Jenny and I are hang gliding off a mountain ... until next time, have a great week!



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