Sunday, June 21, 2009

June 21, 2009 - Got in to Emory, yahoo!

Hey there, hi there and hello there to one and all.  I know it's only been a couple days, so you're still probably reading the novel from Wednesday:)  First of all, I want to say happy Father's Day to the fathers, grandfathers, uncles and other friends and family out there.  Without all of you, I would not be where I am today ... thanks for being great role models!!
Aflac again went by pretty quick this week with a big focus on the naming of the social community.  It's gone round and round from our PIC team to marketing back to IT and then back to marketing.  We pulled in a couple of outside vendors to help out, and I think the name I picked is going to be the winner:)  It has been an interesting lesson in corporate bureaucracy though, oh the red tape.
I know I briefly mentioned it last time, but again this weekend I did a heel click knowing I was fortunate enough to be accepted to such a great evening MBA program at Emory.  Although I am still awaiting the nod from Aflac to be a part of their Tuition Assistance Program, I am excited about the possibilities.  Next Sunday there is a brunch for all of the accepted students that Jenny and I are going to attend before flying off down to South America.  Monday and Wednesday nights coming this fall are going to be pretty hairy, but the experience will be fantacular!
This weekend was packed full of wondermous as well.  Friday night a crew of us went down to the Civic Center to see the Columbus Lions arena football team put a whooping on the Florence Phantoms.  Then Saturday morning all the guys on my team at work helped Connie move into her new place.  After that I went down to the RiverCenter to help sell the final product of the Miss Georgia Pageant program book.  All of the ladies were very excited for the color and style of the book this year:)  Jenny and I also went to my buddy Nick Demko's beautiful wedding before heading over to a movie with the Franks.  I must say, "Hangover" is one of the funniest movies I have ever seen.  The best thing about funny movies is that they get funnier with each viewing, so this one could top "Anchorman" in the months to come!
It was also a very productive Sunday around the house.  We had to go get different blinds because our IKEA deal just didn't quite fit, but the new ones were custom cut and go in like a charm ... ok, it's more like ripping your shoulder out of place to screw them in, but they look good:)  We also picked up some garage storage materials which finally afforded us the room to fit both vehicles in the garage, quite a sight I must say ... knowing that half of our curb is filled with trash too!  We finalized the painting and I even hid all the cords to the TV before hanging up our big mirror in the living room.  We still have a few things to get squared away, but it's all coming together.
O yes, and don't forget about the kamikaze birds that began to rebuild their home on Thursday and by Friday had it fully rebuilt.  Jenny and I tag-teamed the effort again as she laid down more cover fire as I hacked out their nest.  This time, we got smart and put up a tri-fold piece of cardboard to keep away the pesky guests.  It was pretty funny to watch them come back and look quite puzzled on what to do next, but they are gone ... for now!  Jenny didn't even get attacked when she was laying some edging blocks today:)
Well, I suppose I should go turn the water off on the lawn.  The next post may not be for about 3 weeks or so since Jenny and I will be going to South America next Sunday.  We will be visiting Machuu Pichu in Peru, Igauzu Falls in Argentina and the Christ the Redeemer statue in Brazil.  It should be an absolutely amazing trip and I can't wait to experience all the beautamousness;)
Until next time, have a great week and keep livin' the dream.

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