Sunday, October 11, 2009

October 11, 2009 - A glorious start to birthday week

Hey there, hi there and hello there to one and all! Wow, this is the week I get to realize a nice reduction in my car insurance ... 25 came quite fast I must say! I owe some birthday wishes out to my godfather Uncle Dave, sister Sarah, cousin Haleigh and Grandpa Seda ... hope you all had wonderful celebrations indeed:)
After a weekend back home, it was a tough week to catch up back at work with all of the backlog to catch up on. It was customer service week at Aflac, so our team came up with some ideas to get in better touch with our customer base both internally and externally. This week I also had to put on my old analytical hat for some Online Services projections; with everyone looking to tighten up budget, everyone's figures are being put into question to figure out how we can get more with less, should be an interesting 2010! Tuesday my boss lady let me stay up in Atlanta to finish up my team's performance appraisals, which is an interesting task in itself.
I stayed up north on Monday night through Tuesday because we had class up at Emory Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday night because of a make-up class. I'm actually taking a break right now from analysis-overload with my Managerial Econ final ... yeah, I typed final. This course is only a six week course, so this Wednesday is my final class. It's been a pretty productive day getting the homework for both Monday and Wednesday done and with about two weeks left for the take home final, I think I'm about 50% done ... hopefully I can get motivated to just get it done today:) Next Saturday our whole class gets to meet with Atlanta Falcons officials to take a gander at some of their fan data to provide them with some recommendations at the end of the semester, should be a blast!
I feel bad for the folks back home with mid-November weather and snow whilst I sit here in the gorgeous 75 degree wonderfulness;) Jenny and I went for a long walk with one of Caden's new buddies, Mya, over on the RiverWalk. The pooch is even learning how to fetch, it's pretty fun! Sit, walking well, shake, come and now fetch ... all in a matter of 2 months, we're pretty excited!! O yes, and Thursday night's kickball game ended with our team on top 20-1. I didn't think that would be possible, but every time I stepped up, I tried to hit it over the fence, only to settle for an inside-the-park homer ... I even tried to pop the ball up as far as I could, they just couldn't catch it out in the grass:) Our team is good and we always have a blast.
Well, this week should be somewhat normal, if there is such a thing:) I hope you all have a fantacular week and until next time, have fun!

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