Tuesday, October 6, 2009

October 6, 2009 - What a great weekend back home!

Hey there, hi there and hello there everyone. Sorry it took so long to get on the ol' blogging action, but a late Sunday night flight and Monday night class until 10:45 just pushed it back until today:) It's been a wonderfully exciting last week and a half though, I can barely contain myself typing!

I think I found the culprit of the crazy work load ... Aflac Work Load = (Starting Class X Each additional layer of management to report to X the number of people to report to X the number of reports) / working with great people. I think I will submit that to my boss, maybe professor, to see if that's the right equation. There are a lot of big projects going on and I just found out the big online service and blogging initiative I have been working on is being postponed because of another project. I'm kind of bummed because I was really looking forward to becoming a community manager for this new technology, o well, December will come soon enough. This week also marks the start (and hopefully the finish) of performance appraisal season. I took today to stay up in Atlanta to be secluded from meetings and emails to git ir done and I think all I have to do is deliver it now, yahoo! This week our team also took part in a volunteer team-building activity for the Literacy Alliance by stuffing dictionaries for the local 3rd graders, great way to end the work week I must say.
School is going very well up at Emory, I do have to say I have an awesome group that I'm working with that makes it better. I received an A on my first returned assignment, so I'll probably end up posting that one on the fridge;) It's crazy to think, but next week is already midterm time for one of my classes and final time for another ... hopefully the take home Econ exam isn't too much of a dooozy. I did have to have make up class tonight though since a class was cancelled due to flooding, so class Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday night is going to be a bit ... well, interesting.

Best part of the last week though was the trip back home to Iowa. I wish Jenny could've joined, but as she says, "someone has to put food on the table!" I flew back Thursday afternoon to watch my studdette of a sister coach her volleyball team to victory at the brand-spankin' new Prairie Point Academy ... very impressive I must say. That night I was able to catch up with my ol' roomies Flugum and Horman and of course Jenna and Jess. Horman's house looks amazing and Gump's hair is glorius if I do say so myself. Friday, one of my old SIFE advisors Anne King asked me to come speak to her Principles of Marketing class. It was great to chat with the students about the Duck and their college years. One of them even sent a note to Anne, "I have to say that Nate was one of the best people I have seen to keep an audience intrested throughout the whole time of his presentation." ~Maria. Ok, so I guess Maria wasn't the guy in the back that was nodding off during class, but that was pretty cool to hear back. I even ran into one of my old babysitter friends from over 15 years prior, what a small world. For lunch I met up with some of the former MMC SIFE ladies Ashley, Miranda, Lindsay, MJ and her squeeze at Victor's Place. It's always great to see those girls and congrats to you Ashley on the wedding coming up this weekend. Friday night we had a big block party in Shueyville with some of the neighbors. It was fun to catch up with the family and have some good eats. Saturday morning I ran out to the Farmer's Market for a breakfast burrito before heading up to visit Grandpa Klein. Life is rough getting old and I never want to do it, but he is holding in their strong with good spirits ... It was great to see him to say hello. We also had my niece Addison's birthday party on Saturday which was a blast to see the other family for a bit.

It was also Mount Mercy homecoming weekend, so that afternoon I headed up to the Mount for an honors program reunion to meet up with some of my favorite professors. That night was Jenny's sister Becca's homecoming out in Benton too (yes, she is putting her arm around an imaginery you Jenny), so I ventured out to Atkins to take some photos with her in the beautiful dress and to strike fear into her date's eyes ... ok, maybe just make him laugh a bit. Saturday night was the ol' MMC SIFE reunion at CSPS where I got to chat with lots of old friends and remember back to the good days in SIFE. I am so thankful that I was a part of such a great organization with wonderful people. Sunday I wrapped up the trip with lots of family time, a sleepover at Steph's and ice cream with Jenny's fam (and a pic with Karley of course). A quick weekend indeed, yet full of fun times before it was back to Columbus.
I'm looking forward to spending some more time with Caden and Jenny in the next few weeks as fall settles in ... no big trips planned right now, but it could all change this weekend:)

Hope you all have a great day and a wonderful week ahead.

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