Sunday, April 11, 2010

April 11, 2010 - Happy birthday bro

Hey there, hi there and happy birthday there to you Blaker. Hope turning the big 1-3 was all you were hoping for!
The past week at work seemed like it might be the calm before the storm because everything went pretty darn smoothly with no true madness. Best part of the week though came Tuesday whilst I was out of work. I got the call up at SIFE Regionals in Atlanta from one of my team members that she got the call ... a big ol' promotion from a specialist to an analyst in the financial department! It was a bitter-sweet conversation knowing that she would be leaving the team, but at the same time understanding that this is what she has been working so hard for ... very well deserved. It'll be hard this week saying farewell during her final days on the PIC team, but Alicia will only be a phone call and lunch away!We had some big assignment come down the pipe for the team for us to help determine how to better serve our new customers. Then towards the end of the week I was able to do the favorite part of my job, my 1v1 time with the team members to go over their personal/professional goals. It's pretty amazing to see the growth of people month over month and year over year. I even have one gentleman on the squad chairing up a committee for a local non-profit that started out of our goal sessions. Those are the times that are truly reassuring as to why I'm where I am.
It's coming down to the wire for the second semester at Emory. With my final Financial Accounting and Marketing Management courses taking place this week, cases all finished up this weekend and finals next week ... what a whirlwind! I think I have found my opportunity to leave my mark on Emory as well through Social Enterprise. There is a group of full-time MBA students that have a club focused on giving back to the community and outside the country through social enterprise endeavors and mission trips ... so we met up with the professor. We don't have anything like that in the Evening MBA, so we asked what it would take ... apparently I took the lead on it and have about 10 folks that are going to meet with the professor to talk about the opportunities. My goal would be to get a class going, maybe some club representation and the ultimate goal is to get a group of EvMBA students to go on a international service trip to use our business skills to help those in need. Our meeting is set for next week, so I'm sure there will be plenty more to come:)
The Literacy Alliance has our monthly exec board meeting tomorrow which will be exciting because we've made some great progress with funding and projects. We've already met one of my financial goals for the year soliciting a $5K corporate sponsor, now we just need to put together some grants and finalize some new programs. We're looking at innovative ways of engaging local parents in reading with their children because many students are lost before they even get to the classroom.
This week also posted my first experience on the other side of the SIFE presentation table as a judge for the Regionals up in Atlanta. It was an amazing experience to be around that student energy as they work hard to change the world one project at a time. I came back jazzed up and even more excited to learn that on Thursday, my alma mater, MMC SIFE, posted their 12th Regional championship and bid to Nationals in Minnesota next month. They are such an inspiration and I can't wait to one day truly reconnect. For the time being I am trying to savor the SIFE flavor by helping start a local team at Columbus State University. A few of us met with their leadership team on Friday and they wer e amazing. I expect great things from them as they are truly organized and driven to make a difference in the community ... hopefully us SIFE alums can help!
Friday marked some celebrations for our buddy Eric Runci moving into his house on Sesame Streeet ... yup, I called and sang, "Can you tell me how to get ... how to get to Sesame Street:)?" This weekend was also full of 80 degree sunshine, sun burns to include iPod holder tan lines and a trip downtown for the Frogtown Hollow Bluegrass Jam down by the Riverwalk ... yup, that's the real name. You can't beat good times with friends and some live music, what a great weekend.
Welp, Jenny, Caden and I are getting geared up for some visitors this week. Can't wait till you get down here Dad and Steph, it's going to be great to see you and hang out ... good times will be had indeed:) Hope everyone has a wonderful week.

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