Sunday, April 4, 2010

April 4, 2010 - Hoppy Easter:)

Hey there, hi there and hello there to one and all ... o yes, and Hoppy Easter to everyone. I know it's been a couple weeks and I have to admit, it's the amazing weather that kept me away from the computer ... can't beat 75-80 degrees:) Hoppy Birthday to Carolyn Klein, Jeff Glau and to my bro Blake ... coming up on the teenage years!

So the Duck has been pretty interesting over the last couple of weeks. Countless meetings and spreadsheets have helped me realize how much work our team truly does do in a work week. I've had to prove the value of our folks and list out the things we do in about six different ways over the last couple of weeks, which has been pretty time consuming. On the other hand, I've got to be a part of a lot of great future state activities which has been a blast ... that's what the job is all about:) Since we're on a budget, we've also got pretty creative with all of the birthday celebrations lately at work which has been quite fun. Planning for Employee Appreciation Week has also begun and Project Seahorse is on the books ... since it's top secret I'll have to wait and tell you about it later;)

Emory has been pretty wonderful as well, with only two weeks left before finals it's pretty amazing to think about where the time has gone. China is only about 4 weeks away now too, Jenny, Jason, Meg and I are getting pretty excited for some travel and study time ... welp, guess I'll be the only one with study time. I signed up for my fall courses as well: Entrepreneurship, Negotiations and Operations Strategy ... should be a great fall!

This past weekend has been great times as well with an extra day thanks to the big guy;) Friday was full of spring cleaning and lawn mowing. Then Friday night I joined a bunch of pals for the 3rd Annual Relay for Life Softball tourney. Our team got together for a scrimmage on Sunday and let's just say that we got waxed. It didn't get too much better after our first game when we were fifteen run ruled after the fifth inning. Then, it was time for us to play the team we scrimmaged on Sunday ... let's just say, the oddsmakers in Vegas didn't give us much of a chance. But, we didn't listen ... and we won. Don't ask me how we did it, but it came down to the last inning and we were up one run and closed it out on a pop fly. Thing is, we were so amazed that we won that none of us had thought about playing the next day so we had all made plans for Saturday and ended up having to forfeit to the team we beat ... hilarious.

Jenny and I were able to hang out all day Saturday and made our way to one of her workmates's homes for an Easter egg hunt. Then it was off to Country's, yup BBQ, for our Easter dinner:) Today was early church followed by some homemade chicken tenders delivered to Jenny at work ... I think some brownie points may have been scored. Then it was on to dominating the yardwork as I spent some quality time with Caden gittin' ir done with three trips to Lowes!

It's been a great Easter day indeed. Jenny and I had some delish Girl Scout cookies and some wonderful Easter cards from family back home ... thank you all so much for thinking of us over the holiday, miss you all.

Until next time, have a great week.


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