Sunday, July 11, 2010

July 11, 2010 - Sibling Reunion ... Classic

Hey there, hi there and hello there to one and all. Just hangin' with Jenny, Steph and Blake for a fun-filled weekend.
Aflac, although only about 3.5 days last week, felt like about 6 days worth of work. We're still in the midst of the business planning season and successfully had our first deliverable last week turned in with another due this week for all the projects we want for next year. It's crazy to think how much time, energy and high-pressure is spent spent planning for the next year when the day-to-day execution is just another day, maybe that's just backwards to me:) O yeah, then one of our VPs said we should pick up another system to be in charge of on the team, just have to take it with a smile on the face I suppose. This week I have my Tier II Precision Leadership Certification Presentation for the Sr VP and other execs ... fingers crossed!
Only a couple more weeks of class left and I am lovin' me some Social Enterprise, learning about fundraising, strategy and how to make organizations a bit better. I'm really looking forward to this getting these core courses done though so I can focus on some more fun classwork.
Best part of the weekend was not the 17 meetings in three days, or wonderful strategic management knowledge ... it was Blake and Steph making the voyage from Shueyville to Columbus for a week of fun in the sun! They came in Thursday night, hung out Friday morning before a visit to Dinglewood for a scrambledog ... mmm tasty. Afterwards, the siblings and I went down to the Riverwalk for an awesome bike ride and photo shoot in the rain. Saturday brought about another visit to the Flint River for a five mile excursion down in the kayaks/canoes with Pat. It was great good fun in the sun floatin' down the river with family and friends. The evening was another BYO beef and beverage with 10-15 good pals. Blake and I dominated some ping pong and we grilled a massive amount of meat with lots of friends. We also had some intense around the world ping pong for a good three straight hours, it was awesomee sweaty-ness.
Sunday Blake and I headed to Maple Ridge for a good nine holes of golf and let's just say that we stopped keeping score after the first hole ... ya, it was fun indeed to go off-roading for another photo-shoot. After some church, we hung out before our first soccer match of the season. I'm looking forward to a foursome of golf tomorrow morning before work too, should be fun.
Welp, it's time to play some cards with the visitors ... hope you all have a great night and a wonderful week.

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