Monday, July 5, 2010

July 5, 2010 - Happy 4th of July All!

Hey there, hi there and hello there to one and all ... and yes, a Happy 5th of July!! It was a gloriuous weekend of food, friends and fireworks, you just can't beat it.
We'll switch it up and take the week backwards, starting with a great showing of Toy Story III today. Spanish Buzz Light Year cracks me up and he artists that made that film were pure genius:) Lots of time was had at the pool this weekend, which is reflected by the redness of my belly button. When the belly button burns, that's when you know you've got a good tan comin'. The grill was put to great use this weekend as well with steaks, burgers, hot dogs and of course the cheddarwurst which is an American classic over the fourth.
We had ourselves the first annual couples ping pong tournament as well this weekend, so it wasa good thing I've been putting Jenny through intense training so we could be like Forrest Gump and take the title:) Good times were also had down at the Thunder on the Hooch with some fantacular fireworks. We even took the pooch down there and he was a champ, not even fazed by the fireworks or crazy sparklers that Jenny was flaming around.
Aflac was pretty fun over the last week, although I had a pretty short staff, we got a lot of shtuff done ... including the first crack at the business plans for the three departments we're in charge of. Also had a great chat with one my employees - a real heart to heart about what I think he needs to do to be a leader, which means big change. I think he's got it in him, so I hope our plan goes well over the next few weeks to get him back on track. The shortened week is coming up tomorrow and ending Thursday since Steph and Blake will be in town.
Had a pretty solid extra-curricular week as well with some fun classes up at Emory. Our Strategy class brought in a couple rock-star guest speakers that talked about brainsteering vs. storming and the effect it can have on an organization. My independent study course on Social Entperprise has been amazing too, I'm learning so much that I hope I can bring back to The Literacy Alliance and United Way. Speaking of, I met with the CEO of our local UW last week as he gave me a brief orientation before starting on the board of directors in a couple weeks ... apparently I'm the youngest by about ten years, hope that goes well:)
Don't know if I could handle much else right now, but sure am looking forward to Steph and Blake joining Jenny, Caden and I this weekend. Some canoe action, ping pong, golf (hopefully Blake doesn't beat me too bad) and lots of food I am sure ... good thing we're sticking with P90X or else the scales would be tippin'!!
Hope you all have a wonderfully short week and I will chat with you later.

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