Monday, November 5, 2007

Week 14 - Fantastic trip home with friends and family for fun!

Hey there, hi there and hello there all. I'm sorry for the delay, I just had so many wonderful things to think and write about! I hope everyone is well as we're shifting from summer to fall.

Had another great week at Aflac working with everyone to get projects rolling and in house before year end...should be an exciting finish! I've had some great mentoring sessions with Kathy Gant and my boss Bob Ottman has been pushing me to make an even greater impact on the SIFE program as well, which is exciting. Even more wonderful was the fact that Aflac allows the employees to dress up for Halloween, so I got the boys together: Blake, Mikey and Mr. Ed to assemble as the Channel 4 News Team from Anchorman. I was able to sport the Ron Burgundy burgundy suit and moustache and we got some amazing pictures, unforgettable!

Had a great Toastmasters meeting but had to miss out on bowling and soccer last week. Basketball did start and let's just say it was a little rusty! We have our first game tomorrow night, so it should be interesting to see what we're made of!

The highlight of the week by far was the trip back home. Left Thursday night, on Sarah Jenck's bday:) and got back to Shueville late...great to see the fam! We had a nice dinner for breakfast in the morn and then I wen to the mount for a day of catching up and seeing old friends. Anne had me speak to a couple classes, hope I didn't bore them too much...I handed out ducks so it couldn't have been that bad! I was able to see some of my favorite professors, some of the greatest staff, SIFErs and the best friends of all time! Wish I could've talked with everyone twice as long, but it was great to be there.

The reason for the trip started that night, Fisher's wedding...the first I've been in of any of my friends. We had rehearsal dinner that night where I got to see Amy again and meet a bunch of cool cats. After receiving a nice pair of underwear, a glass of splemonade and a tuxedo t-shirt it was time to get some pizza with Gump, Jenna, Horman and Jessi...of course I couldn't forget #2, then it was out on the town with all my compadres in Iowa City. There was probably about 20-30 people that came out for a good time and I want to thank each one of've all been the greatest friends a guy could ask for! We danced the night away and chatted before parting ways again...I miss you all!

After a sleepover with Gump at his new pad, it was wedding day! Of course the priest was late to the ceremony...unforgettable! The wedding was beautiful, the pictures were a blast and I hope Kim and Ryan had an unforgettable time. The reception was more fun than I ever expected, and after we ate and I read my poem (instant classic) it was time to cut a rug! Iowa country weddings are the most amazing events and we danced the night away. I met a pretty cool cat Jenny, and she's lucky I'm not back in Shueyville or else she'd be having a steak dinner with me this week topped off with eating a tub of Rainbow Chip frosting...don't think she had the dance moves of the flower girl though...classic move! Overall it was a wonderful wedding and I wish them the best. I got to play some pong with the Funkmaster before the day ended too.

Sunday was another big family day over at pops' was great to have everyone come down from both sides of the family. It's always great to see all of the smiling faces and hear what all of the cousins are up to!

The amazing weekend ended with another Packers win and a flight back to was unforgettable and thanks everyone for good times!

Happy Birthday to the sister, the big 2-1...don't have too much fun. Until next time, you stay classy planet earth!



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