Sunday, November 11, 2007

Week 15 - Another day in the neighborhood.

Hey there, hi there and hello there all again. I hope everyone had a wondermous start to November! First wanted to wish my sister Steph happy 21st this past week...she is amazing and I hope she had a great time celebrating with her pals!

Had another fantastic week at work following a weekend back home. The first day and a half I was able to take part in a Management/Newly Promoted training course which was pretty awesome. Worked some on my project in Policy Services but mainly did a lot of work on my Support Services project. It looks like we should be able to get most of the capital in by the end of the year...which will mean high fives for everyone; I'll keep my fingers crossed! We had another great SIFErs in Action meeting and everyone got to share a volunteer was amazing to hear the stories. We've got some great things going on with that little group, it should be an exciting year with those folks. I passed another LOMA industry exam...felt like I was back at the mount. Overall a pretty solid week at Aflac, especially since they came out with the new commercial with Yukon Cornelius;)

It was going to be a great sports week for me with basketball, bowling and soccer...but my first basketball game put a damper on that one. I was on pace to have a double double in rebounds and fouls when I went up for a board and my shoulder got a shooting pain. I went to the bench and noticed that my shoulder was down by my bicep...which was weird to see. All of my teammates freaked out at the dislocation and somehow I pulled a Mel Gibson and popped it back into place. It hurt for most of the week, but I almost have full motion back...I hate going to the doctor so I'm holding off as long as I can. Hopefully I can get back in action this week.

Decided I should probably invite some folks over for a pizza and peach cobbler night...I know, a weird combo but you get my drift. About 10-15 people showed up for Mr. Ed's birthday celebration and to eat some bbq chicken, steak, Alfredo chicken and other delicious pizzas...scrumtrulescent! I think everyone had a good time over at the pad, it was pretty awesome. Another beautiful day was had today, so I went for a nice run after the Packers put another W on the more week and I'll be in Lambeau, yippeekiyayay!

Hope everyone has a fantacular week...until next time, keep smilin:) Happy birthday sis!


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