Sunday, December 16, 2007

Week 20 - Livin' the Dream

Hey there, hi there and hello there. Just four more days until the trip back home...the countdown is on this holiday season!

It was another fantastic week at Aflac again of course. I'm learning quite a bit about some of our products that we market throughout the US and I've been doing quite a bit of analysis for future product unveilings...hopefully what I've been doing can help impact some future decisions, we'll see. I went to my second Cafe Conversation event last week, this time with Dan Amos our Chairman and CEO. He got up and answered questions in our lunchroom with about 75 other folks. It's pretty cool how the execs take the time out to connect with the employees on a regular basis. I also took another couple interesting employee learning classes on keeping meetings under control and then an all-day class discussing how to lead the team. I think the most beneficial part about the classes are meeting folks from throughout the company and hearing their stories. I went to my first Aflac Webcast this last week as well. Four of execs did a 45 minute skit for the field force where some people from HQ sat in the crown SNL style clapping and cheering as they unveiled power week results and handed out prizes, free food and was a fantastic time! I did get some debatable news though at the end of the week regarding the MBA reimbursement gig they have going and it appears that what I was told when recruited might not come true after all...we'll see how it goes, I may just end up footing the bill to go to Emory anyways...guess I'll take it where the wind blows it.

It was another fantastic volunteer week as well with not one, but two JA class events. I wrap up with the Dawson Elementary school kids tomorrow which should be fun. The really exciting event was last Friday when about 15-20 of the Lasseter Academy students came over to the Tower and we talked about Aflac and the job opportunities that were available. Some of the students got really engaged in the conversation and I ended up by handing out some ducks, so I think they had a good time. Finished up the weekend by getting all my shopping done and then helping the Habitat for Humanity for about four hours doing a little Christmas wrapping...I'm pretty sure I'm a certified gift wrapper after that event:)

Welp, I should probably go finish up the ol' MBA entrance essays and hit the hay. Can't wait to go home this Thursday, it's going to be a week full of fantasticness and I can't wait to see all my family, friends and snow back home (pictured above at my folks' house in Shueyville).

Hope everyone has a wondermous week before Christmas...try not to work to hard and enjoy the season!



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Tom said...

Thanks for all of the updates Nate. Your SIFE team is inspiring. It's great to see that everything you did at MMC is carrying through to the rest of your life.