Sunday, December 2, 2007

Week 18 - Party time

Hey there, hi there and hello there all. Hope everyone is having a wonderful week and that November was a great time for you. Wish everyone luck back home in Iowa with all the sleet, ice and snow...I'll try to send up some of the 70ish weather to you to melt it down. If you could save some for sledding when I get back that'd be great:)

My last week in Policy Services was long awaited. I met some great people there, just wish I could have gotten in on some more projects. We did finally get in the capital project I've been working on forever and will hopefully get signed off on by the end of the week...then the celebrating can begin:) I start in the Marketing dept. tomorrow with Product Development which should be pretty exciting. I met some of the folks I'll be working with; they seem pretty cool and they've already got some projects for me so it will be wondermous! We had a big shake up at work and now a bunch of 2nd VPs all moved around, so it should be interesting times at the ol' duck over the next few months but exciting nonetheless. I had a couple pretty good leadership training classes this week and also had a great lesson in meeting preparedness...I'm learning quickly to have all the answers on hand:)
We had our first basketball victory this week. I haven't gotten to my true form foul outs;) We've got a couple pretty cool guys on the team, should be an interesting season. Victorious Secret had our last soccer game on Friday...we went out with a bang, but lost in the semis. There were a lot of pretty cool guys on that team...nothing like the Cool Hawks...but I'm looking forward to playing with them next season!
Had another fantacular week outside of work too. Did a lot of volunteer action throughout the week starting with week 2 of JA at Dawson Elementary. Those students are pretty cool but then it was off to the Lasseter Academy for the beginning of our investment game. I think there's a lot of potential there, I hope I can get through to more of them in the weeks to come. Saturday I went back to Easter Seals at 5:30 am (wow that was early) to do some pancake breakfast action; I think I probably flipped about 1,000 pancakes but it was fun and I met some pretty nice folks.
I went up to Emory University this week too for kicks. Met with a current student to get a feel for what the class load would be like. The campus was immaculate, the teacher seemed interesting and I guess you can't beat the #2 Evening MBA program in the nation. It's nice not having homework and finals now, but I think another challenge next fall will be good for me so hopefully it all works out and I can get accepted...o, and then I need to work on that whole Aflac kick-back which should be fun:)
Of course I had to end the weekend with the Aflac Christmas party. Corporate signed on the Ojays, had some delicious pasta/shrimp action and of course a big dance floor. Went with a big ol' group and saw lots of people I knew, there had to be thousands of people at the Civic Center. First moves out on the dance floor I bumped into a guy and I turn to see that it wasn't just any guy, it was Dan the Man Amos...Chairman/CEO of Aflac shakin' his groove thing on the dance floor. Of course we had to dance with him and get a picture, amazingness! It was a great time dancing and hanging out with friends and new acquaintances...a great end to the week.
I hope everyone has a great start to the holiday season...can't wait to see everyone back home in a few weeks! Until then, keep livin' the dream. Alwayz....Nate

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