Sunday, February 10, 2008

Week 28 - Great to have roomies again:)

Hey there, hi there and hello there. Hope everyone back home is thawed out from the -30 degree weather, sorry to say, but it's about 65 I'm available for visitors:) Also, happy lenten season to you all...hope Fat Tuesday and Ash Wednesday were wonderful!
It was another great 1st week at Aflac in the Field Force Development department...which is a stark contrast to Actuarial/Compliance. I had a great time in both of those departments because they were filled with cool folks, but FFD is crazy...there is always something going on there and they're pretty hilarlious if I do say so myself. I have a few cool projects over the next month; I get to create a training program for our >70K field force agents, research/report healthcare reform platforms of the political candidates and the effect it will have on Aflac and an economic I should be fairly busy. Our CORE SIFE group started shooting a video for Bob as well this week, so I get to do some editing which will be fun! Then on Friday afternoon they released the Mr. Fitness Band workout video that I co-starred in with Bob. You could tell when it popped up on the employee intranet because laughter surrounded my cube as people watched me make a fool of myself (Richard Simmons style) with our new fitness bands. I received about 100 emails and phone calls asking for lessons and departmental performance and pretty much got a good ribbing from everyone I have met at Aflac! Although I played the dork quite well, it was an amazingly good time...hopefully the name Fitness Buddy doesn't stick with me throughout my time here though:)
I had another good week of getting out in the community with a couple of events. They had the annual MLK Jr. follow-up breakfast to catch up on all of the activities that took place, of which I participated in a couple. Then on Friday I met with the students from the Lasseter Academy again and we went over some of their goals. Then I had a real serious and open chat with them about college, their options and what was holding some of them back from thinking about going to college. I love working with those students because it's those times, often few and far between, that I can see it click with a few of them and they just get it...that's what is really amazing!
The best part of the week was by far the visitors I had over the weekend. On Friday morning Ryan Flugum, Brandon Horman (my old roomies) and Jenna Carson all flew into Atlanta for good times to be had. I met them Friday evening at a little pub for some table shuffleboard before we went to the Atlanta Hawks vs Cleveland Cavaliers game with Bron Bron. After a wonderful game we drove back to ol' Columbus for some good zzzz's. Saturday morning brought a visit to the different Aflac campuses where the security guard was watching the fitness! Then I took them for a treat at the Dinglewood Pharmacy for a world famous Scrambledog. After we let that settle, it was down to the Riverwalk for a photo op of course then back to my place. We busted out the basketball for some 21 and PIG followed by heated tennis matches which were fantastic! Then it was out to Countrys (I learned an important lesson, do not combine Scrambledogs with BBQ in the same day) for some
good times with friends new and old! After some food it was mini golf time, of course Horman and Gump dominated! Today I made some breakfast for the visitors and then we headed out to Butts Mill Farm for some good country times. We played at the "World Class" mini golf course, where I made a big comeback for a victory. After some rope climbing, we hopped in the go-karts for some laps and then fed the goats/donkeys! We played some more tennis action when we got back which was followed up by the BBQ/Alfredo chicken pizza specialities...mmmm good. I had such a good time with all 3 of them, they are the best...I sure do miss them a lot. You can make new friends wherever you go, but you truly can never replace the best ones from home for anything!!! Thanks guys/gal for coming down, it meant a lot!
Well...I hope everyone has a wondermous week (I'll keep my fingers crossed for some warm weather back home). Keep grandma in your prayers and until next time...go get em tiger.
Alwayz, Nate

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