Sunday, February 17, 2008

Week 29 - Fitness Buddy goes platinum...not

Hey there, hi there and hello there. Here's an Ovaltine toast to all of the family and friends in Iowa that are being bombarded by 100 inches of snow...wish I was there to enjoy it with you!
I never imagined one little fitness video could make that big of a splash at work...o how I was wrong. Since we talked last the Mr. Fitness Band video has made an even bigger splash; I've actually had random folks I've never met stop me in the hall, "'re the fitness buddy right!?" They continue to tell me new fitness workouts they've created using the band and now our floor has fitness's gotten quite ridiculous! I hope to have it posted to YouTube next week, so stay tuned to the blog for a glimpse at Fitness Buddy:)
Other than that, Aflac was great this week. On Tuesday, my bossman Bob took all 100+ of his leadership team out to a tree farm in the boon docks for a team building/leadership experience. We were all split up into teams of 6-8 from all over the company and our New York affiliate for a day of team building activities. We named our team the Red Bulls (yeah, we were the only team with a cheer!) We completed activities including: a blindfolded partner treasure hunt, wall climbing (which was awesome), fishing for catfish, best shot in golf and a bunch of other fantacular events. Our team ended up in 2nd place, I think we would've taken 1st if one of the guys on the other team didn't get sympathy points for popping his knee out of the pain no gain right:)? It was a blast though, and a great time to get to meet some new people throughout the company. The training module I'm creating is going quite well...I'm hoping to put the creative touch on it this week sometime to make it live for the field force. We had a great Toastmasters meeting as well this week where I was able to be the Table Topic master...wondermous experience! I was able to finish out the week with a Team Development training course; it's always a good time interacting with other leaders in the company during a class!
We won both basketball games this week (hard to believe I know) and I even scored some points and "cough" got a technical "cough" so that was fun:) Had another great showing at the bowling alley as well, I've perfected the Irish heel click after each's a patented move! I also had my first practice/meeting as a U10 coach. I've got a great group of kids and it seems like we're going to have a great time. I had to have the awkward coach to parent chat where I laid down the law a bit, that was one of the more nerveracking things I've done recently but they were very receptive and appreciative. We have our next practice tomorrow evening and our first game is March 1st...keep your fingers crossed!
Iowa folks, this is where you might want to stop time. It got into the low 70s this weekend, so Eddie and I had to take advantage and hit the ol' Bull Creek Golf Course. My Caddyshack slice made an appearance, but the last 6-8 holes I was able to straighten it out and beat Mr. Ed on the final two holes...we won't talk about the first 16;) Also had a chance to get in on a pick-up soccer game today which was great fun in the rain, I can't wait until games start up again!
Lastly, I want to thank everyone for the Valentine wishes...especially Dorothy (my old lunch lady sent me a card...ahhhh) and Jenny for the creative sentiment. I hope Nemo the pinata is treating you well!
The excitement continues this week as my sister is coming into town for a good time(pictured above with my lil bro Blake)...I've been looking forward to this since I moved down here. Get ready for a good time Steph and lots of good food right ol' roomies;) Hope everyone has a fantastic week and thanks for everything!
Until next time...peace out.

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