Sunday, February 3, 2008

Week 27 - 6 months and still havin' a good time!

Hey there, hi there and hello there. Hard to believe it has already been six months since I made the move down to Columbus, GA. It's amazing what I've done in the first six months, I can't wait for the next six...should be pretty exciting!

Work was a bit more laid back this week in the actuarial department. I continued on a small project for them that I am working on as well as my other larger initiatives. Had a pretty decent training class, Professional Development. It's nice every few weeks to be able to sit with some folks I usually don't interact with to learn some new leadership styles and meet new people. I also passed my third industry exam...very exciting seeing as though we get paid to take tests now:)

We split a couple of basketball games with the ol' Aflac team. I've found that I am consistantly the most inconsistant bowler at Aflac, but it's always a good time! The weather was so nice this weekend that I even was able to get on the golf course at Bull Creek today with Mr. Ed and his was a beautiful day full of "four" calling and snowman dances:) Also had my first little league soccer coaches meeting for my U10 coed team...I'm really looking forward to it; hope the parents don't yell at me too much!

I am looking forward to my next visitors coming this Friday: Flugum, his fiance Jenna and that's going to be a great time. It's just been a great start to the year; Jenny flying down by the seat of her pants for some good times (ps thanks for the amazing scrapbooked gift which made me grin), old roomies visiting and then to cap it off my sister is coming in a few weeks...can't beat all those good times.

I hope everyone continues to have a wonderful beginning to February...don't forget those taxes, got to love the big return:)



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