Sunday, July 20, 2008

July 20, 2008 - Happy Birthday Ma:)

Hey there, hi there and a special hello there to my ma on her birthday week:) I wish I could be there to celebrate with you, but I know you will have a wonderful celebration nonetheless!

Although the week didn't start off too busy at the ol' Duck, it picked up quite a bit with new projects and proposals throughout the week. After a few meeting moves/cancellations, I was able to meet with our VP of Client Services to chat about the rest of my rotation action. I learned a bit more of what she's looking for from me, and I haven't screwed up too badly yet so I think I'm doing alright. They guys on the team made my day Thursday when both of them approached me with projects they were initiating/finishing without me having to prompt them, I was pretty pumped! We have a long road ahead for the ol' PI&C team, but we're starting to head in the right direction. The whole team, about 17 of us, went to the BA (bowling alley:) on Friday for our first team outing. We had a blast just being able to let loose and get to know each other a little better. You'll be proud to know that after a weak warm-up game, the electric blue shoes and myself busted out a high game of 161 which forced me to do an Irish heel click ... berry nice!

It was a pretty good week on the volunteer side of things, mostly meetings though. The YP group I'm a part of set-up our first FUNdraising event for September; a Corks & Canvas wine and cheese tasting shindig at the Columbus Museum ... should be good times! I facilitated my first Literacy Alliance meeting as the program chair and we have decided to put a greater focus on the high-school aged folks to help deter drop-out rates, which are around 42% for Georgia ... very sad. Last meeting of the week was for the Hands on the Valley Advisory Council where I was able to help plan volunteer events for Hands on Georgia week. Hopefully our SIFE group can help kick off the week and a half long event at the end of September.

Thursday night our group invited some of our mentors out to the Columbus Country Club for a night of gift bag stuffing, socializing and munching on some scrumptious food. We put together toy bags for our trip up to the Aflac Cancer Center in Atlanta where a bunch of us spent the morning playing BINGO with some of the children that are patients of the hospital. A doctor called one of the mothers out during our stay and found out that she gets to take her child home this weekend, so it was a good trip!

Had some golf action on Friday with Mr. Ed where I only lost 3 balls ... so it was a good day! We had a little house warming action for the Frank's with some serious bag game and Rock Band playing. If it wasn't for that dang foot pedal I would've been able to rock out on the drums! If you haven't seen the new Batman movie yet, I would go ahead and highly recommend it. I'm putting my vote in for the late Heath Ledger for Best Supporting Actor ... it was amazing!

Well I've got about a week left in the ol' apartment complex which means I've almost been here a year, wow how the time flies by! Our morsel this week is from George Will, "The future has a way of arriving unannounced." No matter how much we plan and how much we think we know what will happen to us in the future, you'll never truly know what the future holds until you hold on to the present. Keep livin' the dream ... and wish my mom a happy birthday:)



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