Sunday, July 27, 2008

July 27, 2008 - One year ... wow!

Hey there, hi there and hello there to you all. Mom, hope you had a wondermous birthday! Hard to believe that this week will mark the one year anniversary of my move to the south, wow it's gone by fast!
Quick would describe the pace of this last week at Aflac, but again very productive. I had my first stay past 6pm this week, but I was fortunate to be hangin' out with the boss man working on business planning for the department. It's quite interesting to be involved with the process, but it is ridiculously bureaucratic ... startling actually! We also held our first all-PI&C team meeting this week, which was very informative and every one was appreciative that it finally came together. I also started to create some very fancy reporting for the department and the week was full of analytical work ... I think that'll help out a great deal with my future schooling! I am working on my delegating skills, and this week I gave a project to Thunder (one of the team member's American Gladiator names) and we worked on it a good bit. After I returned from the class "Connecting Across Generations" I was caught off guard when Thunder approached me, and was adamant that I had punked him with this project. Granted the account in question was Dumas, he actually made me swear on a Bible before he believed that his assignment was legit ... just another thing to add to my book:)
It was also another great week of volunteer action where some folks are getting involved with FUNdraising for the YP group. A few of us also helped the summer reading program at the library, CSI style (thought you might like that dad). I was the lead interrogator, and we ate a lot of sugar ... it was amazing. Then I was able to help out with one of the greatest things I've seen an organization do for a community, Kits for Kids. Thousands of underprivileged families and kids came to the rec center to register for school kits, get medical screenings, receive brand new school bags and just have a good time. It was a very fulfilling sight to see, glad I could be a part of it.
Also had some Toastmasters action this week with the new club where I gave a speech and signed up for the Humorous speech contest for this Tuesday ... I should probably start writing what I'll be talking about:) This weekend also marks the Making it Count ( certification/training seminar in Indianapolis. I've been practicing quite a bit, but 14 pages is a bit much ... we'll see how it goes.
Today also marks the day when I move in with John Mobley, which would be the hilarious boyfriend of a fellow SIFE analyst. We partied at the new pad last night which sits on 16 acres of glorious land with a pond, skeet shooting and his parents' house which is home to a pool and ping pong table! Fantacularness:)
I don't have too much left at the pad to pull a morsel out of, so like my good friend Brett Favre, I will be retiring for the evening ... ok, maybe not;) Have a great week all, and I'll check ya later! PS, please notice the glorious picture depicting my BBQ judging skillz!
Alwayz, Nate

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