Sunday, September 21, 2008

September 21, 2008 - Farewell to the Bradley Family

Hey there, hi there and hello there to all the people. I've got to wish a couple of cousins, Kacie and Kristal a happy birthday week, hope the celebrations are well! Sadly also, I must bid adieu to Blake and Jessica Bradley as well as their pooch Ranger. It's been a great run over the last year or so guys but I know your new opportunity will be fantacular! Never forget the good ol' times with putt-putt, tennis and just hanging out. I wish you the best in the next chapter and make sure to keep in touch, I'll miss ya!

Back at work, we had quite a busy week on the PIC team yet again, but I think we're starting to get a good handle on it all. I was able to use some power point skills this week to prepare a presentation for our VP of Client Services. We presented what our PIC team has been up to over the last year, with some pizzazz of course, and this week we get to take our show on the road again for a presentation with the Chief Administration Officer ... should be a pretty exciting presentation I must say. We also had a good deal of Online Services action throughout the week and all of our initiatives seem to be really helping out the bottom line. I've been asked to help out with one of our associate contest, Triple Crown, in the next couple week to tell our field a bit more about the benefits of Online Services. The team is also tackling some quality and financial error rate issues, so it should be an interesting next few weeks.

Last week also marked my first contracted public speaking gig in Montezuma, Georgia for Making High School Count. After driving in some deep back country of Georgia and seeing my first wild hog, I arrived in Montezuma to speak to the 9th grade class of 120. The principal opened up with a stern chat to his students ... "At this rate, about half of your will have to repeat the 9th grade and tomorrow, I'm posting the 1 name out of 120 that is on the honor roll." Wow, what an act to follow; four weeks into the school year and only one of them is on honor roll, phew ... what an intro for me. After that though, the speech went great. The students seemed to really enjoy the presentation and so did the counselors when I spoke to them afterwards ... so I'll consider the first gig a success:) I have another in Alabama this week and three in Columbus over the next couple of weeks, so it should be fun:)

It's been a great start to the volleyball season for the Setting Ducks (yeah, pretty corny name I suppose). On the otherhand, I've had another rough coaching start with the u12 soccer team going 0-3. The kids are still in it and we're not getting blown out by the big kids, we just miss opportunities here and there ... the first win is just around the corner I can smell it ... and I have a big nose so take my word for it;)

We had a little partay for the Bradley's on Friday night with some football, baggo, bohemi golf, Apples to Apples and good times before the sleepover at Jason's. This weekend was pretty lazy and then today I joined Rick (new SIFEr) and his fiance Whitney on a trip up to Atlanta for my first Braves game. They played spoiler to the Mets in the playoff hunt. I was highly impressed with the Brave fan base and the Dippin Dots! I did get in a heckling match with a 60 year old Mets lady fan when we started to chant "let's go Phillies." She left her seat and chanted, "Go to he!!" Of which I replied, "Get a haircut" ok, so I guess you had to be there but it was well deserved and very appreciated by the Brave faithful:)

That's about all I have for the week, I wish you all the best with the start of the fall season and go Packers!



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