Sunday, September 28, 2008

September 28, 2008 - Happy Birthday to the People!

Hey there, hi there and hello there to all of the people in the world. Big birthday week with a hello to Barb, Addison and Chad as well as a congrats to Roger/Trish on the anniversary! Also, I have to say hello to my ol' roomy Jynx as he celebrates getting older, even though he's a Cowboys fan I still like him:)

Had a fantacular week at the ol' Paul S. Amos campus in Columbus, GA. Big highlight of the week was the Process Innovation & Control (PIC) team presentation for our Chief Administrative Officer. My boss man gave me a great opportunity for a presentation and we knocked it out of the park. We actually had another VP from the Sales Support area ask if we would come and speak to her group about starting a PIC team within her organization ... I would say that's a successful presentation:) Had quite a bit of meetings this week as well to go over the numerous projects we're working on and it feels like the team is clicking on all cylinders now, which is great! Our Online Services continue to roll and this week should be a good one as I've been asked to help out with one of our field contest, Triple Crown, where a bunch of first year successful associates come to town to learn more about Aflac ... should be great. I'm also having dinner with the Iowa State Sales Coordinator and a Regional Sales Coordinator to chat about their opportunities. This week will probably go by pretty fast I assume!

I had my second Making High School Count presentation in Dadeville, AL for about 250 freshman from 3 county schools. The set-up was a bit better for this one and I think it went wondermously. I received my reviews for my first one and received a 10/10 for both value and effectiveness from the counselors while the company average sits at 9.71 and 9.55 for both measures. My student value was a 9.25 with effectiveness at 9.52 where the company average is 8.41 and 8.79 respectively ... so I think it's going pretty good after the first couple. Over the next two weeks I have 2 gigs in Columbus; one for over 300 and another at a private school so it should be good times!

Our volleyball team is still dominating and the ol' soccer team is still struggling. I'm getting quite a bit of support from the parents, it just stinks that we can't get a win ... hopefully this week:) We had some great news for the Literacy Alliance this week as we secured an event sponsor for our newest program, the Word Project. The director asked me to be the chair of the event where we're going to have 100 individuals creatively draw/write their favorite word on a donated canvas. So far we've secured local TV personalities, regional sports coaches and Rachel Ray! We're trying to get the local elementary schools to select a student as well in addition to local artist and business men/women. We'll then host a red carpet event with a silent auction of the words as a fundraiser to help raise awareness of literacy in our community. It's going to be a great event, right smack dab on Steph's birthday (ps, congrats on making it to the next round of Teach for America:). The Hands on Georgia volunteer week started off with a bang as well. I helped to plan 15 community events to engage our citizens in volunteerism during the annual event. Today I helped to paint an after school classroom in a low income housing area, next Saturday our SIFE group is helping Easter Seals paint again and then our Young Professionals group is getting together on Sunday to put in a Born Learning trail at a local park to encourage early childhood learning experiences ... what a week!

In addition to all this amazingness, our Aflac SIFE alum group received a great award this week. At the annual Easter Seals Board of Directors Award luncheon our group received the Organization of the Year award for our efforts to assist the organization with painting, fundraisers and just coming to interact with the children/adults. It is an amazing honor and a tribute to the work the group has done over the year. It was perfect timing because the alumni director from SIFE Worldwide Headquarters came to visit our Aflac SIFE group to see what we've been up to. She was blown away at our progress and it appears she'd like to feature us in an upcoming publication for our efforts;) Saturday I went up with a couple of the SIFErs to meet some other SIFE alumni in Atlanta in an effort to start up a local alumni group that gets together on a regular basis to give back and socialize. I tried not to volunteer for anything, but no one spoke up to lead the volunteer activities so of course I could not stand the silence and said I would. Funny that happened because just today I met an employee at Hands on Georgia which coordinates volunteer activities in the Atlanta area ... what a coinkidink!

Wow, what a week! I'm sure this one will be just as exciting, so I'm looking forward to it. Less than 2 weeks before I get to come back and see the family, friends and the gal ... it'll be awesome. Until next time, I'd like to leave you with a tid-bit of info to improve your personal/professional life I learned from Marshall Goldsmith; "The ability to make a person feel that, when you're with that person, he/she is the most important person in the room is the skill that separates the great from the near-great." When you're chatting with someone, keep the focus on the conversation and not trying to do 10 other things ... it will payoff huge dividends in the end. This is something I am working on quite a bit and it has helped at work a great deal ... give it a shot.



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