Sunday, September 7, 2008

September 7, 2008 - Six months ... holy schnikes!

Hey there, hi there and hello there. A special hello to all the grandparents today on Grandparent's day as well as a happy b-day to aunt Tracy and happy anniversary to Pat & Karen! Phew what a week ... and it doesn't stop there, 14 years to the parents hanging out in Shueyville, IA ... impressive, seems like so much longer than that:) O yes, and six months for Jenny and myself ... I know somewhere there are pigs flying!

The week most definitely flew by at Aflac with a shortened week and lots of informational meetings. We've truly accomplished a great deal with our Online Services over the last month and it has been fun to steer the effort from a business unit standpoint. We've had to rank all of our priorities and justify all of our efforts lately which has been a great exercise. The team is doing great as well leading all of their projects. They're becoming a bit more independent and confident in their abilities, which makes it easier as the "team leader." I'm looking forward to this week as I get to spend a couple days sharpening the saw at a leadership conference with John Maxwell, Newt Gingrich, Daniel Pink, Thomas Friedman and more ... should be a great experience with some of the best minds in leadership development.

We had our first soccer game this past weekend, unfortunately we did not come away with a W. The kids played great though and I think we have a pretty promising season ahead of us. I've also begun the volleyball gig and we have our first match on Tuesday against the other big company in town TSYS which should be a great time.

I didn't have too much volunteer action going on this past week besides coaching, but I was able to go to the nation's largest United Way campaign kick-off at the Trade Center. It was a great event where hundreds of people gathered to get motivated for the beginning of the UW campaign ... which surprisingly does not generate as many dollars as the ol' UW back in CR.

I did have quite the relaxing weekend where I was able to catch up with old friends Todder and Flugum after I spent some time up at the Georgia Aquarium with the SIFEr folks. Boss-man Mike and Bob, as well as a few other execs joined us for a good time checking out Nico (the beluga whale), the whole sharks and all their friends. It was a wonderful time and the weekend brought great weather for a bike ride and the most exciting thing ... four loads of laundry and ironing; I feel so domesticated:)

Just wanted to say thanks Jenny for a great last six months. I can imagine the bookies over in Vegas had it at least 100:1 odds of me going out with a girl, let alone for six months but you have made it some good times ... much appreciated;)

My morsel of the week comes from a book I've been reading lately, "People don't stumble upon success, they choose it." If you can see it in your future, go out there and git ir done ... I've learned that life doesn't always get served up on a platter like I once thought, you have to make the conscious choice to strive towards success! Have a fantastic week, and until next time ... go get em tiger!



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