Sunday, October 5, 2008

October 5, 2008 - Public speaking isn't such a bad gig.

Hey there, hi there and hello there one and all. Wow, big birthday month of October is here and the big birthday week is this week. Happy birthday celebrations to cousin Haleigh, Grandpa Seda, Uncle Dave and Sarah Bear ... hope you all have wonderful days! Also, a big good luck to Miranda and Dylan for the upcoming weekend ... can't wait to be back home:)

Work was pretty amazing this week, turns out my move a few months ago to the PIC team has been the best one yet. We did quite a bit of planning for Online Services (OLS) this week as we gathered data for a competitive analysis and are attempting to work with LIMRA to figure out industry statistics with the Competitive Intelligence department. I was also asked to help with Triple Crown at the Trade Center which is a contest for first year associates throughout the U.S. We promoted OLS for a few hundred associates and had our CEO come and reassure the audience that we are financially stable. At this point, I have to take his word for it but it's kind of tough seeing the financial sector how it is ... I think Aflac will be alright b/c we've been pretty diverse in our investments and we've got the duck on our side:) We had another PIC presentation this week to try and help the Sales Support division start something up for themselves, and I think it'll work out well for them. It's also performance appraisal season and it has been pretty interesting to start putting those together and reading the self-appraisals of the team. I have to turn in my final appraisals on Tuesday, so we'll see what the boss-man has to say.

This whole speaking in public thing has gotten pretty darn cool I must say. On Thursday I went to Jordan High for a Making it Count presentation for about 300 freshman, pretty good crowd I suppose. They were pretty darn rowdy, but I had a handful come up to me afterwards and thank me for the tips so it was all worth it! The counselor even asked if I would come back and speak with her seniors in a couple of weeks about the college search and getting involved ... right up my alley I suppose. Then when I got back to work on Thursday we had our Toastmasters Boss' Day Luncheon where I was fortunate enough to give a speech for all of our management and fellow Toastmasters. I think it went pretty darn well, I even had the corporate training manager come and ask if I'd ever thought about becoming a corporate trainer. Making it Count also invited me to Columbus, Ohio for another training session in December for the Jr/Sr programs ... should be a great time.

The Young Professionals program is taking up quite a bit of time, but it's a good time. We had a board chair meeting this Monday where a few folks said we were providing our members with "too many events" ... I think we just accomplished our mission, but we're going to take a more strategic approach in the coming months and I think our FUNdraising will pick up in the next month or so. We had another YP event downtown this week for a bit of light jazz and hanging out. I also did quite a bit of work with the Literacy Alliance this week for the Favorite Word Gala and had the first few execs accept the invite ... so hopefully more get on board this week. Then our SIFEr group got together with the Easter Seals organization on Saturday to do a bit more painting ... that is one class act organization I must say.

Had a busy week last and this one should be just as packed ... except this one ends up back in Shueyville to hang out with the fam and friends. I can't wait to see you all and until then ... have a wondermous week! Remember that if you want to change anything about yourself, the best time to start is now:)



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