Sunday, February 8, 2009

February 8, 2009 - Bring on the sun!

Hey there, hi there and hello there.  Well cousin Katie, happy 21st birthday to you:)  I heard everyone back home is experiencing a heat wave ... I will have to say 70 degrees this weekend went over quite well!
Work went quite wonderfully this last week at Aflac as the strategizing continues.  I've had to help put together some presentations for our leadership and it has been fun doing some ol' power point slide action.  I also was able to help present to our field force state administrators this week to let them know about the glorious Online Services.  In addition, I'm still trying to figure out this whole social networking bit at Aflac, but it should be pretty interesting as we dive into it a bit further.  I did hear the good final news that I will be able to participate in the Six Sigma Green Belt training later this month or March.
The most exciting piece of work this week though was Wednesday night when I got the call from Haleigh (the lady we threw the shower for the previous week) that her water had just broke (yes, I learned all about that).  She let me know that she probably wouldn't be in the next day - or next couple months for that matter.  Haleigh and Levi had a 7lb. 10oz. little boy named Sawyer.  I went and saw him Thursday and he was a cute little kid (aren't they all) with a full head of hair.  Mom and child are doing well, which is great news indeed!
I had a good deal of meetings this week for Young Professionals as we're creating more community partnerships (including one we just made with Columbus and the Valley magazine).  Moreover, I helped our Executive Director of the Literacy Alliance work together our 2009 budget proposal for the city funding, so keep your fingers crossed.
This weekend our SIFEr group at Aflac got together for a fun project with Neighborworks.  We invited our business guests as we learned about the importance of revitalization in a city.  Each group even had the opportunity to make their own community, go through some hardships and create a plan to bounce back.  It was good fun that was followed by lots of soccer action today.  My u12 coed team (En Fuego) came together today for our first practice and had a blast.  I lost a couple of ringers from last season's team, but we picked up a couple new characters so I am pretty excited about the season.  Then I realized how old I am getting when I practiced with my team afterwards ... I'm still sore!
Well, next week's blog may be a bit tardy as I am going to meet up with Jenny in Chicago for Valentine's Day (yes, ahhhhh:).  We're going to a concert, ice skating (or jumping in puddles, depending on the weather) and just doing some sightseeing.  It should be a great time indeed.
Until next time though, have a fantacular week.

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Stephanie Klein said...

you may want to check your math - I don't think Katie is allowed in the spiked punch bowl quite yet...

ps - have fun in Chi Town!