Sunday, February 22, 2009

February 22, 2009 - That was one fast week ... woo

Hey there, hi there and hello there to you all.  A special hello and happy birthday to my Grandma Naber.  Your kindness is an inspiration and even at 82, your smile still fills up the room.  I hope you are well and that your birthday brings you a big smile:)
It was probably one of the fastest weeks at work in some time I must say.  We worked quite a bit more on our social forum initiative over the last week in addition to refining our future state plan.  Mike asked me on Friday to give our future state presentation tomorrow to the division heads, so I hope it goes well.  Our team has put so much work into it, now we just need to go out there and make it happen.  I also learned on Friday that I will have two more people reporting to me, undercover of course:)  Alicia and Jaime will be joining our future state team as Subject Matter Experts.  I know both of them excel and should be great additions to the team.
We had another SIFErs in Action meeting this past week where each of us shared our statement of purpose (which I will try to post next week).  I also was able to show the rest of the folks our Hurricane Relief video from New Orleans.  In addition, it was a busy week on the volunteer front as more duties are coming down the pipe.  I met with the Literacy Alliance's accountant to modify our balance sheet and income statements.  Previously, they were very cumbersome and not easy to understand.  So, I put together a much more legible statement for the board ... cross your fingers that they enjoy it!  Soccer practice is continuing as well and team En Fuego is looking pretty good ... although I've noticed that I always have a bunch of weird kids.  Haha, takes one to know one ... I get it:)  O yes, and Miss Georgia Pageant events are starting to get started again and they've asked me to continue as the program-putter-together-guy.  We have a board meeting tomorrow eve, so it should be interesting.  Saturday was quite fun as well when a bunch of the SIFErs got together to help Easter Seals.  I can tell we did good work because my back is aching because of all the mulch we laid and shelving units we put up.  It's such a great organization and they sure know to treat their volunteers well with cookies and music!
I had a fun sleepover at Rick's this weekend ... it brought me back to the ol' days at Funke's house.  Today was a gorgeous day, so Jason and I headed out to Maple Creek for 18 holes of golf.  I must say, I did break 100, but 60% of the time my driver worked ... every time.  I am getting a bit better, but I am glad I'm not too intense because losing ten balls would've really frustrated me;)  Then we had some soccer practice action last night and I quickly realized I should've been running for a long time!
Dad and Barb let me know that they're going to be coming on down for a visit that last weekend in April and I just heard tonight that my best friend from back home, Ryan and his wife Jenna, will be coming the weekend before that.  We may head down to Panama City for the weekend, but I'm sure it'll all work out when they get here.  Jenny and I are also finalizing our trip to South America which will include Peru (Machu Picchu), Rio and Argentina ... that's going to be fantacular!!!
Well that's about all I know ... again, I hope you have a great birthday Grandma and I'm looking forward to seeing everyone back home in less than a month!  Until next time ... go get 'em tiger.

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