Sunday, March 1, 2009

March 1, 2009 - Wow ... a year gone by:)

Hey there, hi there and hello there from snowy Columbus, GA.  That's right, I said snowy Columbus for the first time in seven years:)  I do believe a special hello goes out to my girlfriend Jenny ... wow, a year already ... time goes by pretty fast when you're flying by the seat of your pants;)  Thanks for all of the great times ... I can't wait for what's to come!
Aflac was a bit less crazy this past week, but still a good time.  I gave the Policy Service future state presentation to four of our VP division heads and it went over like ice cold Kool-Aid on a hot summer day:)  I also was very excited to have have two new folks start on the team this week, Jaime and Alicia.  I had one on ones with each of them and I think they are going to be great additions to the teams. Both of them are finishing up their MBA just like another member of the team, John.  We've got a lot more planned for this week, including lots of money saving activities:)
It was a great week for some volunteer action and it started off at the Miss Georgia Pageant board of trustees meeting.  We have forum weekend coming up this weekend where I get to chat with the ladies about the program and how we're streamlining all of the efforts ... everything online.  No more pieces of paper for me!!  Then on Wednesday, I had the great opportunity to go over to Columbus State to help the CSU SIFE team recruit new team members.  We had about 15 students show up and I talked their
 ear off about how amazing SIFE is and how it can change their life.  They had 3 people come that night to their class, so I think it went quite well.
The Literacy Alliance Trivia Bee was probably the best experience of the week though.  It's our biggest fundraiser of the year and I think we ended up raising >$15,000 between the corporate team sponsorships and the silent/live auction items.  My pal Tina set me up with another costume in the form of a book necklace.  It was a great time, I wish more people would've joined.  The Aflac team took first place followed by the hilariously dressed team from Communicorp.  I must say, it's kind of sad to hear everyone complaining about this whole
 "economic crisis" all the time, and then when an opportunity to have some fun and let loose for free comes up, they say no thanks ... interesting.
On Saturday I braved the to
rrential downpour and tornado warnings to head over to downtown elementary for the Toastmasters Area International Speech Contest.  We had three areas represented at the contest, with each having representatives from various clubs.  I gave my speech on "Moral Opportunity" which apparently went over very well because I was awarded first place.  I'm very honored to be representing area 21 at the Division C contest in April ... I will keep you posted on how it goes.  In addition, Monster asked me to resubmit my resume and a video of one of my speeches to apply for a position with their Diversity Leadership Program.  It's a weekend program in 9 cities across the nation that educates college students about the pillars of leadership, networking and jump-starting their career ... right up my alley:)  Check it out at:  I'll keep you posted on if I make it into that one too.
O yes, and for the first time in seven years, it snowed here in sunny Columbus, GA.  We had 70 degree weather on Friday, tornadoes yesterday and about 3-4  inches of snow today.  My neighbors said it hasn't snowed this much in 15 years, so much for that whole global warming thing eh?  So I did what every Iowa boy would do when snow fell, I went out and played!  First thing I had to do was scrounge up all of my snow gear, most of which is still back in Shueyville.  Then I had to get creative with the finding of a sled, which turned out to be a pretty slick cookie sheet.  I went trudging through the perfect packing snow to find a hill and down I went, slow but steady, on my first sled run in Georgia.  
After that I rolled up a big ol' snowman before heading out on the 
town in search of more hills.  I didn't find many, but I did stop by the local Dollar General where the lady at the register was kind enough to give me an alternative blue sled (aka a tub top
per).  That didn't work too well, so I went back to the snowman to finish him off with a cheese head, banana smile, leftover meatball eyes and a scarf ... o yes, and half of a deer antler:)  It was great fun indeed and I even got to hang out with my roommates nephew Kilper, he loved throwing some snowballs and walking around in the fluffy stuff!

That's about all of the excitement I could possibly bear in a weekend, so until next time, have a wondermous week.  O yes, and happy one year anniversary to you Jenny ... can't wait to see you again in a couple weeks;)

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