Sunday, March 8, 2009

March 8, 2009 - I'm renaming this weekend amazing ... b/c that's what it was!

Hey there, hi there and hello there.  The name of this post is a direct quote from a very redneck vendor at my first NASCAR event, what a great description of the fun-filled week/weekend!  I again remind you that yes indeed, Jenny and I have been together for now one year and a day.  I've never celebrated an "anniversary" before (and one and a half month anniversary didn't count back in the day:), so that's pretty darn sweet I must say.It was quite a wonderful work week at Aflac indeed.  I had a great opportunity to sit down for my monthly one-on-one sessions with each team member, this particular session was performance review time.  It's always a good feeling to go through them with folks and in the end, they're not confused about where they sit.  I learned more about my potential role for Aflac's blogging efforts, but only time will tell if we will have the resources available to dive into this two "duck" feet at a time ... haha, corny I know:)  We did finalize a change request for our IT partners that will save the company over $200,000/year ... which is exhilarating I must say!
We had another couple great soccer practices throughout the week which culminated in our first game this weekend.  For some reason or another, the league thinks it's a good idea to have the returning league champ play us opening day, and needless to say we did not come out the victor.  Although we didn't win, I was pretty proud of the way the kids played together and didn't get to down; especially knowing the fact that we were down three players and had only
 one sub on a hot afternoon.  We will continue to improve and maybe Thursday, we can pull one out!
This weekend was, like the title says, amazing.  This weekend marked the annual Miss Georgia Forum Weekend where all of the area Miss/Teen champs join up in Columbus to learn about the next few month's worth of events.  Although I said I would never do it again, I somehow said yes to putting together the program again this year.  So, I had to spice it up a bit of course!  Instead of giving a plain jane presentation to all of the franchises, parents and contestants, I
 put together a slightly entertaining power point.  I actually had a bunch of parents tell me I should take my show on the road;)  I then was able to help facilitate some pointers for the young ladies on the art of public speaking, where I reminded them to get in touch with their Inner CHE: Confidence, Honesty and Enthusiasm.  
That night thought was another story, because the rest of the board of trustees and the field directors are crazy too!  I've never seen the show, but apparently Project Runway is a big hit with pageant ladies, so we did our own rendition of Project Runway, Miss GA style.  Our reigning Miss GA, Chasity Harman, is a great girl and quite funny I must say.  She was the emcee as these 60 some girls strutted their stuff on the stage ... the catch was, their outfits were all homemade!  Each group of girls were given a specific set of stores in which they could buy their material (i.e. Home Depot/Lowes, Winn Dixie/Publix, Hobby Lobby/Michael's and more).  
These girls were so creative I was about on the floor with all of the creativity to include dresses made out of plastic cups, towels and shower curtains with accessories from EASY buttons to pheasants.  Afterwards Chasity and I strutted our stuff on the runway and did our blue steel model pose.  It was great fun and exciting to see my fellow trustees let loose a bit and the girls have a good time with the Cupid Shuffle.
After a night on the town, Sunday sprung forward too quick ... but as they say in the South, "Sunday's race day ... yeeeehhah!"  Off I went on the fourth charter bus full of Aflac
employees to my first ever NASCAR event up at the Atlanta Motor Speedway for the Cobalt Tools 500.  One of the first things I noticed is what some called the redneck yacht club (aka, winnebago row:).  There were some great vendors there to take pictures with, play skeet-ball, whack-a-mole and sample.  I'm not the biggest NASCAR fan because I just don't get the excitement of turning left, but I will say that the race day festivities were a great time.  The tickets I won gave us free passes to pit row where we got to see the #99 Aflac car driven by Carl Edwards.  
There were some pretty cool sights to see, food to eat (including dippin' dots) and my favorite activity of the day ... mullet watching of which I won the mullet picture contest.  Carl ended the day in third place, but besides the sunburn and loudness of the event, I will say that I had a pretty decent time.
This should be a fun upcoming week indeed, so I can't wait to reflect on it next week.  I may be a day late or so with a trip to Charlotte, NC for SIFE regionals, but I will be back nonetheless.  In the famous words of my new NASCAR friend, rename this week amazing ... because that's what it is!

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