Sunday, March 22, 2009

March 22, 2009 - A wondermous wedding celebration

Hey there, hi there and hello there to all.  A big thank you to all of the family and friends that came out to say hello over this last weekend whilst I was back in Iowa for my ol' roomy's wedding.
It's only been a short bit since we last chatted, so just a couple days at work went by but they were glorious.  The team is all fired up now to get at work and I even had one of the guys on the team say that Thursday was, "the best day I've had at Aflac."  So, I think we're moving in the right direction with everyone on board and I can already tell you this week is going to be jammed pack with over 20 meetings already scheduled:)
I had some awesome times with the ol' volunteer action on Wednesday and Thursday with YP and United Way.  On Wednesday, a few of us from the Young Professionals Gala committee (a fancy event we're putting on in July) were able to go to the venue where the chief chef had a taste testing waiting for us.  O my lanta, I am still full from the scrumtrulescent food at the RiverMill.  We decided on a fried green tomato salad, 72 hour cooked short rib, bbq salmon, yummy spinach, a cheesy potato masterpiece and some refreshing dessert ... wow, salivating right now!  On Thursday we had our monthly Hands on the Valley (United Way) meeting where I presented the idea of a volunteer youth camp that my mom did back home.  They loved the idea, although a little hesitant with being able to pull it off in two months ... but we'll see.  
I have a follow-up meeting with some folks this week to hammer out some details, but is should be a great event.  I'm thinking a Friday-Sunday camp where the kids will camp out on a Friday night where they'll learn what it's like to be homeless for a night with only cardboard and newspapers to camp out in.  On Saturday we're looking at getting them out and volunteering at a couple different places with a Sunday graduation where the kids decide where their volunteer dollars will go.  I will keep you posted, and yes ... we won our soccer game this week ... now I'm just looking to coach the ol' En Fuego team to victory!
The highlight of the week was being able to be back home for the big wedding celebration of the Brandon/Jessie Horman couple.  Friday I had the joy of wrastlin' with Doc to wish him a belated doggy birthday which also included a great breakfast with the fam in Shueyville.  It was great to catch up with you all and chow down of course.  Then Jenny and I went to meet up with a couple ol' MMC SIFErs Sarah Jencks and Kim Leonard as we celebrated MMC SIFE's 12 consecutive Regional Championship in Minnesota.  I can't wait to see you all in Minneapolis ... congrats:)  After a stop downtown to see the progress (wish there was a bit more, but I know it's a process) and a visit with old friends at the Arc, Jenny and I ventured with the Flugum family to Lowden, IA for the rehearsal dinner.  
Although the pastor lady was a little crazy, it was great to meet Brandon/Jessie's family including their crazy brothers.  A trip down to Iowa City to play some pool and meet up with some of our friends (including Amish) was a good time.  Saturday morning Gump and I went to this awesome breakfast joint in CR, Riley's, and then headed up for hours worth of photos.  You'll notice Ryan has wonderful locks of love, but he did spend a half an hour on the beard trim.  Brandon and Jessie's wedding was absolutely amazing and then we all hopped on the tricked out party charter bus for an hour long ride over to Bettendorf for the real party.  My partner and I dominated the groomsmen/bridesmaid intro dance and after some great speeches, we had to cut a rug on the dance floor.  A big thank you to Brandon and Jessie for asking me to be in the wedding.  You two are great, and yes Brandon, we three roommates definitely have the combined three coolest ladies of any roommate combination of all time!
Sunday I said farewell to the fam in Shueyville and hello to dad's side of the family on Pepperwood Hill.  Thanks to all the grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins for coming down to say hello.  Jenny and I had a great time eating some amazing grub, chatting with all the folks and wrestling with my two little cousins where 4 wet willys were exchanged;)
Thanks again everyone for a great weekend and I hope you all have a fantacular week.  Roomy and new bride Jessie, have a great honeymoon and don't forget to stay away from the tin foil and microwaves:)

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