Sunday, February 1, 2009

February 1, 2009 -Yeehah

Hey there, hi there and hello there.  A big happy birthday to cousin Kayla T and Macy!  Here I sit, typing to you on my brand spakin' new iMac and what a glorious feeling it is.  I went ahead and started those taxes that come around every time this year, so thank you US government for allowing me to contribute back to our economy:)
It was another wonderful week of planning again at Aflac for the future of the Policy Service department.  I'm starting to enjoy this whole strategic aspect of the job, it turns out thinking three to five years down the road is pretty fun!  I was able to do some more work with our Online Services, but the most exciting part of the week was all the fun the guys on the PIC team had planning the baby shower for our compadre Haleigh.  It was a surprise party of which the guys did all the shopping, decorating and planning.  It went swimmingly though indeed beginning with the girl game of "guess that baby food" which was followed by the guys' game of change the baby's diaper while not 
looking.  The girls decided to put a little twist in the game while our eyes were closed and add sweet potato baby food to the diaper ... what a nice surprise ... not!  I guess I came in last place since I wrapped my diaper around the baby's foot, whoops.

It was a pretty slow volunteer week until Friday hit.  A few of us did go visit the CSU SIFE team to give them some idea
s for projects as they begin to create their presentation and annual report.  Then, on Friday it was time to dress up like a cowboy for the Columbus Chamber's Biddin' on the Banks Goes Country partay.  I volunteered through the YP group as a greeter and met some pretty cool individuals while eating some scrumptious food!  Saturday our Atlanta Area SIFE Alum group got together up in Atlanta to chat about how we can all get together for some service action.  There were about 4 of us Aflac SIFErs then 4 other SIFE alum from throughout the Atlanta area.  It's always nice to meet some new folks outside of work and it sounds like it'll be a good time here over the next couple months.
Then, Patrick and I ventured to Lenox Mall in Atlanta for my biggest purchase of the last few years ... my new 20" iMac:)  Going into the day I had no intentions of purchasing anything, but once I arrived in the Apple store I was too excited ... I think I had too much sugar to be shopping!  I tell you what though, this thing is absolutely fantacular.  I've got great video and picture editing, budgeting capabilities and this thing called Garage Band where I can make my own music ... so, I've been laying down tracks all day long:)  O yeah, and that wasn't even the most exciting thing that happened when we went to the mall.  I was actually able to witness a real-life Cops TV show experience when an undercover cop took down a large fellow whom was shoplifting.  It was quite the show indeed as Patrick and I got caught in the Godiva store as it all went down.  I contemplated the ninja moves I could've pulled out to have been that guy that helped save the day ... but the guy was pretty big and he would've put me down pretty easily:)
I'm starting to read this new book called the Groundswell that talks all about social networking, blogging and the impact of the Internet.  It's pretty interesting to learn how it could apply to business; "But the first step to understanding the groundswell is to dip a toe in it."  So I guess I'm on the right track with this blog action, but I do highly suggest that you give it a shot whether you blog, wiki, join a social network or just get more involved online, it's pretty fun!
Well, I suppose I should get back to playing with my computer, but until next time ... peace out.

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