Sunday, May 17, 2009

May 17, 2009 - Short week ... good times!

Hey there, hi there and hello there to you all.  First of all, I must say congratulations to my uncle Greg ... another year down, another birthday to be had:)  Hope it's a great one ... your birthday present = one can of slip plate, in the mail;)  Also, congrats to my sister as she found out she really does get to graduate on Saturday!  I can't wait to be home for the Memorial Day weekend to watch Steph walk across the stage.  Wow, I feel old because now I can say, "I remember back in the day when I graduated from college!"  
It was a pretty short work week after getting back from Philly on Tuesday night, but it was jam packed.  Wednesday we had an all day planning session to discuss the tactical steps we're going to take for 2010.  O yeah, I think I missed the memo that I was facilitating the whole day ... but, we've got a great team so flying off the cuff actually worked quite well!  
The rest of the week the team was really pressed to hammer out 2010 project profiles, how they would benefit Aflac and the cost-benefit analysis.  Although it was a daunting task, they all stepped up to the plate and we had two of the best days we've had on the team since I came over a year ago.  Even the boss-man was pretty excited about how we pulled together, another reason I love what I'm doing!!
We had our follow-up meeting for the Columbus Heroes Read program this week and it continues to be one of the best volunteer groups I've been a part of.  We're already generating pretty amazing ideas that will necessitate a venue change by next year.  I think after about five hours of work today that I finally finished up the Miss GA program book.  An increase in ad sales from $17k to $41k in one year, I think I'll treat myself to a splemonade!
We also had our end of the year En Fuego soccer team party.  It was a tough season, but one thing the kids learned, is how to lose with dignity:)  But really, they played hard, they played as a team and they had fun doing it ... they also improved quite a bit from week one until the end.  I hope I can continue coaching a little bit in the future, but we'll see where this whole grad school thing goes.    I also played in a game for our co-ed team this week and yes, I had a hat trick ... you can pick your jaw off the floor now.  Our team is in 3rd place out of niner teams.  I also had some fun this weekend taking a blast back to the 6th grade when a bunch of folks got together for an afternoon of kickball action, it was awesome.  There is actually a league starting in Columbus, so it should be a blast!
That's about all I have for the week.  I did see Angels & Demons and I highly recommend it to all.  Steph, (and all your roomies for that matter) congrats on all of your awards that are very well deserved.  Probably the coolest set of roommates (after Gump, Horman and I of course) to graduate from MMC.
These next few weeks are going to be great, Steph graduating, closing on the house ... and o yeah, Jenny moving down!  I'm excited for them all:)
Until next time, take it easy.

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