Monday, May 25, 2009

May 25, 2009 - Back home for a wondermous weekend!

Hey there, hi there and hello there everyone ... even those I just said farewell too:)  What a great week and amazing extended holiday weekend.  O yes, a happy birthday is in order for Mar Joan and happy anniversary to Tim/Mindy as well.
It was another quick week at work with so much going on.  
Again I had the opportunity to present our 2010 plans to our new VP, and I must say he was impressed with what we have going on ... good work team!  Another department also asked me to come and present our 3-5 year plan since they provide us with a great supporting role, so I was able to show what our plans are for about the 10th time, I think I could do that presentation in my sleep:)  We've kicked it up a notch with planning for the Aflac blog action and I've been given even more tasks as the community manager, so the next few months are going to be a blast at Aflac!  And yes, the Aflac's Got Talent win is already paying off as one of our departments have solicited the help of Steven and I (with Rick as well) to help them promote some new technologies with the use of some jazzy tunes.  More to come and hopefully I will have the winning video this next week to show off.
I didn't have a great deal of volunteer action going on this week, just wrapping up some activities.  The Miss Georgia Program book is about complete and I should have the final sign off by next Monday so they can send it to the publishers.  I was able to share the good news at the trustees meeting this past week that we eclipsed the $41K mark on ad sales which put us well over double of what we had last year.  I believe this will be my last year with that group.  Although it has been fun to see how much money I have helped save/raise from last to this year, I don't feel that all of the hours I spend proofing the program are the best use of my time, so after the pageant later in June, I believe I am stepping down.  I also had a bit of a disagreement with the Young Professionals program I've been working with at the Chamber.  I signed on to help start this organization about a year and a half ago when it was in the planning stages and it has taken a turn I didn't think it would.  Originally, I was under the impression it was going to be a volunteer driven organization, but after trying to plan a big even for the last year and the Chamber coming in to have to change it more than 5 times, the final straw was this week.  I think it's a great organization for people that are looking for a purely social group, but the Chamber has taken control of pretty much all of the planning and the hard work of the committee I headed up has kind of gone down the drain.  There are too many other great things to do in the community, so I let them know I would love to help out in the future if they are planning on making it an organization that engages young professionals in the community!  I did bring my buddy Rick on with the United Way's volunteer group as we continue to plan our youth volunteer camp in the fall.  There will be more to come with this, but let me tell you, I am stoked!
The most exciting part of the week though was heading back home for Memorial Day weekend.  There were so many amazing things that went on, but Steph's graduation was my main reason for being back.  
I came back Thursday and hung out with Jenny and her nursing buddies for some fantastic food and fun.  Friday, I helped Steph move in to her new pad (which is sweet I must say, even with the new grill Blake and I got for her grad gift;).  Hung out for most of the day before Jenny and I headed to Kim Leonard's wedding in Peosta.  I got to see a lot of the ol' MMC SIFE gang and cut a rug on the dance floor, so it was a tremendous time indeed.  Saturday brought the main event, Commencement at the Cell Center.  Steph graduated Summa Cum Laude (super smart pretty much) and received all sorts of honors the weekend before.  The ceremony's keynote speaker was the author of "Marley and Me" John Grogan.  It was nice to have something a little different at the event, but the after party was where it was at!  I went back up to the Mount to see some old professors, friends and mentors alike.  Some day (maybe 5-10 years) I would love to go back to Mount Mercy College and become a business professor (so keep your fingers crossed for my interview at Emory University this Saturday:).  The festivities were great and it is crazy to think that my sister is graduated and moving into the real world.  O yes, my little brother also reminded me that I will be 30 when he graduates from high school.  I reminded him that I'll still be able to whoop him!
Saturday night I met up with some old friends and Sunday I was able to get out on the golf course for some pretty good hittin' on my part.  Blake didn't beat me, so that was my only goal for the outing;)  The rest of the weekend was pretty relaxing hanging out with friends and family, and then today came!  Jenny had planned a "Jenny is Leaving and Come Meet Nate" party for all of her dad's side of the family (he is one of ten kids ... about 60 people today).  
So, I got to meet the family out at the barn in Blairstown, Iowa and it was an absolute blast.  Her family is amazing and all of her relatives are great, I only got a hard time from about 5, which was <10%:)>
The next two weeks should be pretty crazy preparing for the new house and Jenny's move down here.  Keep your fingers crossed for a smooth house closing this Friday, good MBA interview on Saturday and smooth sailing to get the house ready.
I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend and you remember all those that you love that have gone before ... you'll never be forgotten.
Thanks again for a great weekend of fun with friends and family ... have a great week.

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