Sunday, May 31, 2009

May 31, 2009 - Yup, I've got a house!

Hey there, hi there and hello there to one and all. Yes indeed, it is the last day of May already and that means that I am now a first time homeowner (!
This week was pretty hectic with only four days but five days worth of work. We are in the midst of business planning season and this is the time of year that when we get tasks, the deadline is now yesterday:) I love working under pressure and having lots of things going on, but I think that some of these things could be handed out as projects prior to the 24 hour turnaround that everyone expects. O well, life does go on and we do git ir done! We also had the internal kickoff meeting for our Aflac social forum site that I am going to be the community manager for. Still haven't quite figured out what that is all going to entail, but I'm pretty sure it's not going to be as fancy as this weekly blog ... ok, it probably will:)I turned in the final draft of the Miss Georgia program book on Friday morning, what a relief! I think this will be my final act on this board as I'm trying to determine what I'm really passionate about and have time for. In doing that, I also determined that my time will be better spent not with the Young Professionals group as well. There are just too many good things going on in this community and with the potential of grad school in the fall, I need to start learning to say no:)
Speaking of grad school, Saturday I put the final touch on my application to Emory's Evening MBA program application. I drove up to the amazingly gorgeous campus tucked away in Atlanta for my interview with an Emory MBA alum. I think it went great, we connected very well and although I don't have the amount of years that many of the applicants probably have, I think I have some great experiences in and outside of work. I've been wanting to get into this program now for two years and as the #2 Evening MBA program in the entire US, it'd make me pretty elated if I got in ... heck, I'd even do a mid-air heel click:) So, guess we'll see how well they thought it went in a few weeks.
What could be more exciting than that you say ... how about closing on my first house, wow! If you get the chance to watch the video above, that is the deal that I landed about a month ago which was made official on Friday. I met some of my neighbors, Jim and Esther as well as Connie, our association president. I chatted with Jim and Esther for about an hour and a half on Friday night and they filled me in on all of the scoop about the neighborhood and gave me some tips on how to fix up the place including a tour of their home and gorgeous backyard. There is a lot of TLC needed with the home including all new paint and flooring that goes in this week, but with Jenny moving down in about a week, we'll have part of her family and some of mine there to help out:) Don't worry, I've already started the to-do list so there will be plenty to do;)
It was an absolutely gorgeous weekend where I was able to take advantage of some golf with the boys, laying out by the pool and a good ol' car wash and wax back in Waverly Hall for my last weekend at the pad. Next week I will be blogging from 605 Sonoma Court - Columbus, GA 31909!
Hope everyone has a fabulous beginning to June and Jenny, I hope all of your packing goes well and that you have great times with your friends and family ... can't wait to have you down here:)

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